Brant Moore and the Lip Lords crew are back with yet another incredible video with mind-blowing combos that no one, and I repeat NO ONE ever thinks of.

There's a wacky set of handlebars and a jumble sale front wheel in here, but don't let that distract you. 'Green Bandana Kid' and the crew do some entertainingly different lip tricks at a pretty basic looking skatepark. All you need is a good little quarter pipe!

I'm pretty sure you'll find yourself hitting rewind multiple times after witnessing some of the stuff these lads do. It's mad. Makes me want to ride a quarter so much. Enjoy!

More info:

Having not dropped a video all Summer, I excitedly present to you Lip Lords Part 11!

This is my favorite part to date and with that being said, enjoy the show.

Part 11 features Brant Moore(Nelly), Sponge(Diddy), Tristan Newbury(Murphy Lee), Brian Horecky, Danny Cattarin, Rob Benza, and Cody Barnes.

One ramp, endless possibilities.

The Lip Lords were originally a group of guys from Colorado who rode in the late 80s and early 90s.

This series is a tribute to the original lip lords.