Yeah yeah yeah, it's another video of Kriss Kyle riding Unit 23... But this one is a little different.

Kriss collaborated with two local music producers and recorded various samples while riding around the skatepark. The dudes then created some pretty good tracks from the sounds they collected, one of which is in the video below. For the other one, jump to Red Bull.

More info:

See the sounds of the skatepark get turned into fresh tracks as Kriss collaborates with two of Glasgow’s most talented producers.

BMX sensation Kriss Kyle joined forces with two of Glasgow’s up and coming producers – Bessa and Big Miz – to capture the sounds of a session at the UK’s largest indoor skatepark – Unit 23. The two producers then used the samples captured from Kriss' incredible flow of tricks to each create their own exclusive tracks.

Speaking of the project, Kriss said: “It was a lot of fun, and I never thought that the sounds of the skatepark could be turned into something quite so different. Music and riding go hand in hand at Unit, so it was great to work with Big Miz and Bessa to bring this to life, with two unbelievable tracks."