Joris Coulomb is an internationally recognised expert at riding rails. I remember him doing some insane line at Rebeljam 2014 in London, ending with a long railride to opposite whip. He's got them DIALLED.

In this video for SOUL, Joris comes through with some genuinely useful tips for anyone wanting to get those tyres on those rails – be it flat bars, up or down rails.

Click the image below for the video.

More info: (translated)

His vision and calm on a BMX command respect, his "rollings" on track more. Check out their tips of an internationally recognized expert, demonstrated on the friendly park Marignane with no shortage of bars of all kinds. Filmed before the release of his signing executive at Subrosa this video supported by Alltricks echoed as the trip in INDIA (#soulinindia) we are doing with him for a major project to come out next year. Stay tuned.

Video: Antoine Sabourin