Jelle Harnisfeger just dropped this quality 2017 recap video after coming back from a serious collarbone injury.

Plenty of good BMX riding in the mix, but it's not just BMX in this one, there's also a bunch of rad times mixed in here with snowboards/MTB/go-karts/general good times with friends and drunken antics... These always prove for some entertaining viewing. There's also some nasty footage of needles and knees... and techno!

Jelle kills it at a load of different spots, seemingly all around Europe. Some spots are legit, some spots are not really spots, but Jelle delivers the goods in every clip. Stoked on the vibe of this edit too – a bunch of different songs makes it interesting throughout!

Jelle is a good mate and he's certainly done well getting back into the swing of things after the accident. Wishing you all an excellent 2018 no matter what last year was like for you!

More info:

2017 was all about ignoring doctors advice and keeping the party going! It's been a fun ride! Thanks everyone for the good times! You know who you are

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