This is just too nuts. Greg Illingworth matched up with Transworld / Monster's Ramp was always going to be a good idea. Add Will Evans as lensman and you end up with this incredible video.

Greg shows a hell of a lot of versatility in this edit. We know he's a straight up bowl killer but it's been a while since we've seen him go nuts on the streets. Pretty much everything in this is wild and worth mentioning, but I have to say one of my favourite clips is the over ice on the white rail, simply because that spot is gnarly – the rail is steep and high, plus the run-up is way too short. Greg opened it up with the ramp.

More info:

Rules are not what BMX is about. And, when you begin to subscribe to an idea that you’re supposed to do this or that while riding your bike, you’re missing the whole idea...taking a kicker ramp into the streets is a taboo in the world of BMX, but that’s exactly the point.

Let one of the most exciting, high-speed street riders take a portable, adjustable aluminium ramp into the urban wilderness of Estonia and England and see what comes out the other side. Enjoy Greg Illingworth and The Ramp II…