Oh man, this video got me stoked. Bartek Tołkacz aka Tow D holds it down on the streets of Poland in true Animal style. Tight lines, clean style, classy work. This is excellent.

Read a little Q&A with Tow D below.

– How long did you work on this video for?

"Clips were filmed for all year long."

– Your riding style is super clean. Is that something really important to you when you're filming a clip, to make it look totally dialled?

"Thanks man. The most important thing for me is the special feeling after pulling a trick. Its hard to describe, I just feel after landing a trick, that's good and I'm done with it."

– Who are your main influences in BMX? Who are your all time favourites and who are your top guys right now?

"I'm riding over ten years so I grew up during the Animal Bikes and Skavenger gold era. My top riders of all time are Edwin Delarosa, Bob Scerbo, Ratkid. Also like guys like Vinnie, Wormz, Lino G, Jared, Zac Costa, Tom White and rest of the old Animal crew. I can still watch "can i eat" and "all day" DVDs any time and enjoy it like for the first time."

"I grew up during the Animal Bikes and Skavenger gold era. My top rider of all time is Edwin Delarosa..."

"Now I'm in love with productions straight from England and Croatia - Strangeways, Hit the north, PDSII and Huscija. Now I would love to ride with Clarky, Leo Mckenna, Lord Leopold, Addy Snowden and many more. I'm glad that Ratkid still rides and is killin the streets."

– How did you find all the spots for this video?

"It's hard here to find some new spots. Sometimes riding days look like we check every lanes, yards or alleys to find something new but often we fail."

– How did you pick the song? Did you and Wojtas work together on the edit?

"The song used in this video I found accidentally. I came across old CD in my drawer and took this to my car. I put the disc into the CD player, and after hearing a few seconds of this track I immediately knew how good it would fit in the video, haha.

Wojtek is the man that filmed majority of clips. We also made this video from 2017 that was filmed by myself."

– Why is quite a lot of it filmed at night? Tell us about the process of filming.

"Some spots just look better in the night but some spots also are impossible to ride during the day because of security or horrible residents. Also there are less people on the streets and we feel more casual. The whole video is filmed with the classic Sony VX2100e with Opteka fisheye and Sony light."

– What do you have planned for 2018? Any trips coming up?

"In 2018, I want to ride as more as possible and film more footage than last year.

Also I would like to visit Croatia and my good friend Lord Leopold."

More info:

The long awaited new video from Bartek "Tow D" Tołkacz is finally here!

Watch him slaying street spots around Poznan, Malbork and Wroclaw in Poland.

Bartek is probably most humble and real dude I've ever met and can call a friend. He's also OG on the bike!

Follow Tow D: http://www.instagram.com/towd_

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