Wow. This skatepark looks incredible! Not just generally, but incredible for BMX. But, for reasons nobody understands, bikes aren't allowed in this amazing facility. See the longer vlog style video below for some of Dylan Stark's compelling arguments against this law.

In the shorter version above, Dylan and the crew sneak in and ride the Lake Forest skatepark on thanksgiving, when it's empty. They get a solid session but run into the police eventually.

Dylan Stark casually KILLS IT. The transfers he hits are pretty damn crazy, especially when you see it in POV from his helmet-mounted GoPro.

More info:

The city of Lake Forest has the best skatepark in all of California in my opinion, It used to allow bikes in it for many years until they expanded the park adding a new section that looks amazing to ride and the day of the grand opening for that section they kicked bikes out for good. It is so unfair that a public park can do such a thing and there has been many city meetings about it but no luck. So a few friends got together on a holiday and went and rode what the white man took away from us! #bikelivesmatter! Thanks for watching and please comment how you feel about the bike skatepark laws maybe one day the city will realize how unfair it is to not allow bikes!