Dennis and Doeby (a good combo) headed out around Dennis' neighbourhood to film this awesome new street edit, without the use of cars or trains. To a lot of us, pedalling distance is really no big deal, but in California everyone drives everywhere – most spots are pretty far away from each other and you often have to get on a freeway for a while to get to the next spot, so this project is a departure from the norm.

As you'd expect, this edit is another supremely confident effort from Dennis, heavy moves throughout with some more fun-looking clips thrown in too. Worth a few plays!

More info:

"After living in the same general area of Eastern San Diego my entire life, I moved into a whole new area about a year and a half ago. Now I'm tucked in this neighborhood that seems to have limitless spots. Don't get me wrong, my old hood was littered with setups as well, I was just jaded to them after going down the same streets for 23 years. Moving here got me so excited to explore. That is pretty much all I did when I had a chance. Any time I had a couple hours to spare I would just go up and down new streets, and it seemed like every time I did this I would find something new or just realize how close I lived to a spot that I already knew about." —Dennis Enarson

Film/edit: Doeby Huynh

Cover image: Joey Cobbs"