Whenever I get word of a new Dennis Enarson video in the works it gets me excited, and this new one for Haro Bikes titled Resident totally lived up to the hype. Every trick, no matter whether it's oppo or regular, technical or totally burly is made to look like child's play when Enarson does it.

Match one of the best BMX riders out there with spot on filming/editing/music choice and you get one hell of a video. I can't big this up enough. Just hit play!

More info:

It was 10 years ago now that we picked up a curly blonde haired kid from San Diego and put him on the illustrious Haro Team.

Dennis has won contests in Dirt, Park, Street and Bowl and is without a doubt the best all-around rider in BMX, a title he's unofficially held for quite a few years now.

This video titled "Resident" was packed into a week at Dennis' home spots in San Diego between trips, influenced by the 3-spot-stop Haro video Dennis did back in 2011.

Video: Doeby