Hold tight. Here's Corey Walsh hitting all kinds of stuff at high speed to a Mclusky song. I love Mclusky, but didn't see this song working on a BMX edit... However, Corey's wild moves and high velocity shredding back up this song pretty damn well. Corey Walsh is damn exciting to watch on a bike!

More info:

Nothing is more fitting than the music of Mclusky and Corey Walsh's riding. Both are fast, crazy, tight, and you don't know what to expect next. Corey's riding will always leave you saying a few obscenities too.

Follow Corey: http://instagram.com/walshcorey

Filmed by: Jordan Siudy, Josh Zylstra, Andrew Schubert, Riley Abramyk, and Colton Ponto

Edited by: Corey Walsh

Music: Mclusky - Lightsaber C*****g Blues