Nathan Sykes, super stylish, owner of one of the best 360 lookbacks out there, is back with a new piece for Colony. Very nicely crafted by his pal Matt Cordova.

Hit play above to watch Nathan roast a bunch of high-grade concrete parks in Oregon, plus tear it up on home turf at the FOD Trails in California.

One footed x-up to griz, perfect. Lookbacks, perfect. I loved that lookback transfer into the big bowl corner. Madness.

All the style, all the lines, well filmed and cut to a good tune. This makes me want to ride my bike!

More info:

Primarily filmed on a 2 week trip to Oregon, Nathan tears around some lovely looking concrete then finishes it off with some clips on home turf back in California. Filmed and edited by Matt Cordova. Additional filming by Cooper Brownlee, Beev and jason Watts.