Just spotted this great video of Perris Benegas over on a guy named Ricardo Cruz' Vimeo account which was posted up. Since our main man Cleggy caught up with Perris for a Quick Fire Questions session not long ago and the internet went mental about her wearing a helmet etc. I thought you guys may be interested. Perris decided to escape Reno, Nevada and take a trip out to Toronto, Canada to ride one of the largest indoor parks in the world (Joyride 150) - She also had the chance to compete in her first ever international competition while she was over there too! It looks like Perris hooked up with Angie Marino while she was out there and blasted some pretty smooth stuff over the rhythm section, some grinds for good measure and there's a sweet little interview in there aswell. Check it out!

Catching up with Perris Benegas from Ricardo Cruz on Vimeo.