Bristol. Home to such great things as Crucial BMX Shop, cider, Dean Lane skatepark, cider, Clifton Suspension bridge, cider, Park Street hillbomb, and cider. The Bristol BMX scene is decent, with a load of good spots and a bunch of committed riders.

On a particularly cloudy weekend at the end of the (not so) great British summer, I hooked up with the Crucial BMX guys and got some sessions in at a few good spots.

Video by Robin Pearson

Cover images by Scott Summerhayes

Other photos credited

Jordan Godwin, Emerson Morgan, Tom Dom Hill and Crucial's newest team addition, Michael Suttle delivered the goods for the camera.

Jordan is on some crazy level of street riding. It's been a few years since I've shot photos or video with him, and his progression is evident. At every spot he would do 3+ difficult moves, seemingly without much bother.

"Jordan is on some crazy level of street riding..."

Jordan has grinds and spins absolutely locked – it was a treat to see him putting them to use on some interesting Bristol spots. Even with the state of his back wheel... That thing was a hexagon.


Emerson does what he wants on a bike. Watch the video... That G-turn is like some kind of Jedi move. Ridiculous. There were several times when cruising around the city with the crew, when the boys would say, "that's an Emerson spot." Like, nobody could really ride it except him. The weird rock spot where he does the line ending in a wallride 180 was a prime example. Everyone else just sat around eating chocolate.



Michael Suttle is a new face on the Crucial team. A young guy from Trowbridge who has freecoaster moves and barspins fully dialled in. Riding a sweet Fly Fuego set up, I could see Devon Smillie's influence a little in his riding too.

We shot a bunch of good lines around Bristol, ending with that rail to opposite bar. Splendid!