Brant Moore and his mate John decided that having to wait until spring to ride his local trails was way too long, so they both grabbed a shovel and decided to do something about it.

After an eternity of shovelling snow, they were semi-rideable and the boys got to work making the best of a bad situation. Apple Creek trails will be back to their usual standard in a few months time, and these guys are always there digging and building.

There were a few salty comments when we posted this on our Facebook page. To all of those who may get butt-hurt about them 'destroying' the trails and having no respect, don't get too offended! It's just a bit of fun...

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Wait till Spring to ride trails? Yeah right!

January 8th 2018, John and I went to Apple Creek Trails in Ohio for the first session of 2018.

It took a lot of work to clear the path, but was well worth the time and effort! It's not very often you get to ride trails with 3 inches of snow on the ground.

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