Every January for the last few years we've been compiling our favourite picks of the best BMX videos of the past twelve months. To help split things up a bit amongst the masses of incredible edits, we do these round ups in a number of categories. UK BMX 2017 was one to remember. Here we have the best edits, it's been a hell of a year.

These are the best edits that came through in 2017 from our homegrown riders. These may have been filmed on home turf or in far-flung locations, but they're all UK talent. We have a lot to be proud of here! Be sure to check out the best of the Underdogs too.

"Filmed on home turf or in far-flung locations, it's all UK talent. We have a lot to be proud of here!"

Expect to see some obvious names in here – most of our heaviest-hitting UK riders released top notch videos in 2017. Let's celebrate our wealth of BMX talent and look forward to seeing what masterpieces 2018 brings. (There have been some bangers already!)

In no particular order, here we go...


7 million views don't lie... The series of INSANE wall rides adds to Bas’ back catalogue of projects and shows that Tall Order comes from the finest of stock. The reason Bas has started a brand based on transitions is because that’s what he knows best – Bas has hit some of the craziest transitions of any rider we know, from Quartermaster to Reservoir Dogs, Bas has conquered the biggest and this new instalment once again raises the bar. Absolutely SAVAGE.


All the hardest, most technical street moves you can imagine? Check. Gnarly as fuck rails? Check. Huge wallrides and high speed gaps? Check. Alex Donnachie does it all.


Everything you’d expect and more from Lacey. There’s a ton of absolutely savage 360s down stair sets and huge gaps, technical combos pulled off to perfection on various rails, ledges and a few unique set-ups… Every clip is a treat, there’s a few oppo tricks in there to mix it up a little too.

It’s evident that Dan has pushed himself to his limits for this part as he always seems to do, and delivered an incredible cinematic experience for us all to enjoy. I’ve re-watched this a good 10 times… If you haven’t hit this up yet, then what are you waiting for?

FEDERAL BIKES: Rich Forne - Welcome

Rich Forne, ladies and gentlemen. Pegless street riding done right – high speed, high risk and with great style.

This video is full of gnarly set ups and spots that most people wouldn’t even consider, but Rich comes through with the magic. The key? Riding FAST. You can’t argue with that.

MARK WEBB: Black and White edit

Look beyond the dress and white jeans. This edit is another ridiculous output from Mark Webb at his local, The Base.

Get ready for super tech ramp tricks, heavy jumpbox moves and some classic stylish stuff too. So many mad clips… 180 whip > tyretap > 180 downside whip over the spine… The turndown flip fakie, the 720 bars and that last clip did it for us!

GREG ILLINGWORTH: Morning to Night

Greg Illingworth lives in the UK so he definitely counts in this list!

Greg basically murdered the skateparks in Hastings. Starting at the Boyley park, Greg sends some wild gaps and hits lines never seen before. If you’ve ever been to the park, you’ll know how nuts these clips are…

Then Greg takes us into the Source park and lays down more savage moves. Stoked to see Greg dipping into his trick bag for this edit too. With Will Evans on the camera, this is dialled.

BSD: Dan Paley - Soulja

Dan Paley aka ‘The Donny Soulja’ is one of the most entertaining street riders out there and whenever there’s a new edit in the works we get genuinely excited.

This new piece was filmed exclusively for his new signature BSD SOULJA frame and combines clips filmed in Lisbon, Malaga, San Jose, Paris, Madrid and good ol’ sunny Glasgow. You’ll be hard pressed to find another rider like Dan...

THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY: Ollie Shields - Welcome

Ollie Shields gets friendly with a bunch of savage London spots and really just nails it in every clip. We are still as stoked on this one as when it came out, go on Ollie! Brilliant.

Ride UK - BEN GORDON: Two Days in Manchester

Ben Gordon crushes it, straight up. Being as productive as this on a high level of BMX riding is always impressive. It’s especially impressive when you consider that Ben was 17 when we shot this and for a lot of these sessions he was riding by himself – just him on the bike and me on the camera. That’s enough to put a lot of people off.

To coin a phrase, Ben's a wise head on young shoulders. This combined with his riding is a damn good sign for the future.


You may have heard the name Tariq Haouche around the UK street BMX scene in the last year or so… Why? Because the dude has been killing it. Great style, a trick for every spot, solid bike riding.

Nice big rails, a few ledge lines, wallrides… It’s good. A particular highlight for me was the ice to wallride fakie – great use of the spot.

Ride UK - END OF SUMMER: Bristol Street Sessions

Bristol. Home to such great things as Crucial BMX Shop, cider, Dean Lane skatepark, cider, Clifton Suspension bridge, cider, Park Street hillbomb, and cider. The Bristol BMX scene is decent, with a load of good spots and a bunch of committed riders.

On a particularly cloudy weekend at the end of the (not so) great British summer, I hooked up with the Crucial BMX guys and got some sessions in at a few good spots. Jordan Godwin, Emerson Morgan, Tom Dom Hill and Crucial’s newest team addition, Michael Suttle delivered the goods for the camera.


17 mins of mostly UK street gold from the camera of James Cox. That's it. Goodness.