Every January for the last few years we've been compiling our favourite picks of the best BMX videos of the past twelve months. To help split things up a bit amongst the masses of incredible edits, we do these round ups in a number of categories. We've had UK BMX, we've had the Underdogs, and now we have the international players. It's been a beast of a year!

These are the best edits that came through in 2017 from around the world. Some will be obvious, some will be less known, some may even be new to you. There was a lot of content in 2017, more than ever, so you might have missed a few bangers. Let us take you through them.

"These are the best edits that came through in 2017 from around the world. Some will be obvious, some will be less known, some may even be new to you."

From big edits to smaller works of genius, these are our favourites from the year. Enjoy these and look forward to seeing what masterpieces 2018 brings. (There have been some bangers already!)

Here we go, in no particular order...

Ride UK - VANS BMX PRO CUP: Malaga

We set out to simply enjoy filming this remarkable event, and ended up capturing some of the incredible atmosphere and energy. It was a contest like no other. The feedback from this video has been unreal – thanks to everyone who got in touch and we're glad you enjoyed it!

ÉCLAT: Dan Coller - Welcome to Pro Team

Here’s Dan Coller's big time edit for Éclat, welcoming him to their pro team. We wished him congrats on the well deserved spot and for this HEAVY video… Filmed by Dan’s friends under his direction, edited by Dan… He knows what’s up! Big gnarly set ups.

JULIAN MOLINA: Leg Amputee BMX Legend

Julian Molina. An incredible, inspiring individual. His outlook on life after having his leg amputated is astonishing – so much respect for this guy. He continues to shred on BMX too, really stylish, loads of tricks, and makes the most of every spot. What a legend!

GOPRO: Simone Barraco & Stefan Lantschner Train Trip

This RULES. Adventure vibes as Stefan and Simone get Interrail tickets and journey from London to Rome, via Paris and Berlin.

They ride some great spots, meet up with some good dudes along the way (AK, Matthias Dandois and Mo Nussbaumer) and take it all in at some iconic locations. Awesome editing.

CINEMA BMX: District of Cinema

Into street riding? Prepare to have your mind blown… Cinema BMXDistrict of Cinema is nine and a half minutes of fiercely progressive BMX riding on the streets of Washington DC, starring Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Nathan Williams, Dakota Roche and Corey Martinez. Yeah, basically the A-team.

FITBIKECO: Yumi Tsukuda - Japan Street Magic

I don't know how on earth Yumi Tsukuda thinks of these lines but he delivers the goods in every clip. So many bumps and jams, quick 180s and unbelievable spot usage. He's a magician. Worth it for the last clip alone.

CULT CREW: Corey Walsh - Pedal Fast

That’s right! Watch Corey Walsh go full chat at some gnarly gaps, wallrides and bowl lines. Bowl riders get schooled by Corey, dude absolutely rips.

Every time I saw him cranking towards something I was stoked. Glad to see he’s not afraid of putting kickers on street too – those ramps make crazy things get opened up… Grip it and rip it! Also, watch Corey's new 2018 video HERE.

MADERA: Erik Elstran

World's most creatively edited BMX edit ever? A big call, but yeah, it's pretty different. In fact, it's awesome.

Erik Elstran put this edit together of himself in a pretty cool way – including the editing and exporting process as overlays in the edit. This makes it interesting to watch but the riding in this is original and bizarre enough for you to hit play anyway. We love Erik Elstran!


An absolutely incredible step forward for Scotty Cranmer – he rode his BMX at the skatepark! As the YouTube title says, Paralyzed to BMX Bike Riding in 10 Months. How amazing is that?

As a promise to his YouTube audience, Scotty said he would ride down a ramp unassisted if his channel made it to one million subscribers. He hit that goal and stayed true to his word – riding BMX at his skatepark again. An emotional moment for all involved.

FIVE DOCK: Craziest BMX Bowl Session Ever

Wow. Dan Foley sat back for this session and helpfully captured the madness for us to enjoy. Watch Larry Edgar, Dylan Lewis and more absolutely rip up Five Dock skatepark in Sydney. These guys go HUGE. I was also super stoked on the clips of Cody Pollard and Chris James. If you’re into bowl riding, hit this!

HARO: Dennis Enarson - Resident

Every trick, no matter whether it's oppo or regular, technical or totally burly is made to look like child’s play when Enarson does it.

Match one of the best BMX riders out there with spot on filming/editing/music choice and you get one hell of a video. We can’t big this up enough. Just hit play!

CULT CREW: Dakota Roche - Nativeland 3

Wrapping up the Nativeland trilody, Dak comes out swinging and doesn’t really stop until he blows your mind with that massive ender clip.

Highlights for me were all the roof clips (especially that footplant over into the banked roof – simple and awesome), the access hop wallride to alley oop 180 out, and that tooth over tooth… There’s a lot in here. Definitely a good mix of tech and burly moves. So legit.

MIKE VARGA: Home Turf Evolution

Mike Varga is insanely good at tricks! Get ready for mad ramp tricks on Mike’s private skatepark, some trails action and then a couple of world firsts… This is wild. The majority of this edit left me absolutely bamboozled.

HARO: Jason Watts 2017

Aside from the 2017 Ride UK video of Jason Watts, this was another highlight. Although Jason has recently parted ways with Haro Bikes, this video is still one of our favourites from 2017.

First up, he hits the streets and hammers us with his awesomely different approach – get ready for a hanger to 180 lookback, manual to barrel roll and other wacky moves… Jason kills it. Then, Jason goes NUTS in a bunch of bowls. Seriously, dude goes so damn fast. He is truly in his element!

BSD: In The Streets of NorCal

An impressive production from the BSD crew here – visuals absolutely on point thanks to Dave Sowerby’s camera work, really nice edit and theme going on, and of course some incredible BMX riding.

Alex Donnachie, Dan Paley, David Grant and Liam Zingbergs all throw down amazing clips in the streets of NorCal… Hit it.

Ride UK - BATTLE OF HASTINGS 2017: Event Report Video

In a similar vein to our Malaga video above, here's our BOH 2017 video.

With so many amazing riders and such an awe-inspiring atmosphere, we had to ask everyone about what it was like there. As it turns out, it was amazing and awe-inspiring!

From Rooftop and Ruben to Alex Donnachie and Corey Walsh, there was quite a spread of BMX talent in one building. BMX was pretty thoroughly celebrated in the Source Park that weekend, that’s for sure.


Two for one here. The Odyssey and Sunday teams spent a while doing their thing around Rhode Island over the summer, made a fully savage video each, then put it to the BMX world to vote for the best one. Both videos are amazing, don't miss these.

UNITED: Mike Escamilla - Caveman

Who would have thought that in 2017 we would see a new Rooftop video? What a hero. Sit back and watch Mike Escamilla ride some truly amazing spots. Really, seriously amazing spots. Plus, with cameos from the likes of Brian Terada, Jason Enns, Andrew Lazaruk, Ian Morris and Brian Castillo, this is a joy to watch.