Every January for the last few years we've been compiling our favourite picks of the best BMX videos of the past twelve months. To help split things up a bit amongst the masses of incredible edits, we do these round ups in a number of categories. One of the most popular sections by far has been The Underdogs.

These are the best edits that came through in 2017 from those riders who are slightly more under the radar, the unsponsored, the guys in it for the purest reasons, the 'lads and dads' of the BMX world.

"These are dudes doing their thing for themselves. Some of these edits are polished and dialled. Some aren't."

Although you will likely see a few pro riders and more than a few guys who are hooked up to some degree, the sentiment remains the same. These are dudes doing their thing for themselves. Some of these edits are polished and dialled. Some aren't. Expect to see some bro trips, some loose DIY jams, plenty of below par filming and a shit load of crust. That's what we like to see!

In no particular order, roll on the BMX Underdogs 2017...


Alongside several hugely successful street jams, the Metal Pegs crew from London nailed an amazing video concept in 2017. Sending an open call to the BMX crews of planet earth, they welcomed submissions and edited them together to make this excellent mixtape. Full BMX community involvement. Top work.

"A video made by over twenty BMX crews and brothers from around de world, curated by the Metal Pegs. Street BMX, inna city, innna yur town around de world." –Metal Pegs BMX


Bristol has always been known to have a good flow of riders passing through and Tom Hill (aka Dom) is one of the few people that has remained a constant presence. This video by Joe Williams for Ride UK was a piece of true UK street goodness.

ROB RIDGE: Might Be Something After All

RR smashing it during the first half of 2017. Another mad video packed full of tricks I don’t have a clue how to describe in words! Rob doesn’t stop, it’s rad to see how much work he puts in to riding and documenting – it’s constant.


'Crew Clips' is a Ride UK mixtape series and it kicked off with a decent Essex / South East London crew... Damien Kidd, Isaac Lesser, Tom Milham, Jake Ellis, Billy Cooper... Good guys, doing good things, in Barcelona and the greater London area. Rock and roll.


Amazing spots, BMX royalty cameos, perfect road trips, super 8 footage, an excellent soundtrack... It's just a proper full length BMX video.

“When someone has worked on something for three years you know they’ve put their heart and soul into it. Every section and theme in this is thoughtfully worked out, enjoyable in its own right, and then stitched back up together into a full piece. This doesn’t just showcase the hottest new sexy bike manoeuvres: it’s an archive of riding memories and makes you look forward to the summer and good times." – Dan Hartley

CHRIS SILVA: Miles From Nowhere

Chris Silva videos are always rad – this one is no exception. Brilliantly creative street riding, made to look all too easy. There are loads of clips in here I was stoked on but I have to say something about that pool fufanu to toboggan in… Amazing!


Proper raw and nasty UK street. RHK Bodega deal with wax and perfectly unpolished video work – with a big crew including Steven Hamilton, Sam Marden, Ben Basford and more legends.

HLC TRAILS: 2015-2016

I’m always stoked on a UK trails video, especially when it’s coming from an old friend of mine. Ben Green and the dudes down at HLC trails have kept their spot pretty damn dialled for the last few years and this video shows the crew ripping through a few lines.

Lovely bit of super 8 footage, a few tricks, plenty of kickouts, and only two and a half minutes long – a perfect taste of summer trails life.

Florideah Swamp Fest 2017

Oh man, we all wish we could have made it to this one! Dan Foley has hooked up this highlights video from what looks like a day of absolute mayhem. Ghetto ramps all over the place, a lake grind challenge, an open loop, fire jumps, heavy metal… All the good stuff. This is so awesome.

FBM: Ghetto Weekend Fiasco

Pure entertainment. Looks like the best time. Chaos, fun, BMX – FBM style. So rad!

SKABANGA: Worldwide Waves

Worldwide mixtape! This is rad. Cut along with some mad glitchy retro graphics, the Skabanga crew show us a wide range of decent BMX riding on varied terrain, well worth your time!

The whole crew delivers. Greg Illingworth throws down some sweet lines, there’s some nice London footage from Stuart Loudon and Duncan Fox… Plenty of good spots, some interaction with random street humans… That pedestrian collaboration at the end was pretty savage.


Want to see some uncomplicated, fun bike riding on some amazing spots? Count on Pierre Blondel. I’ve known Pierre for a few years and have always respected his appreciation of spots.

In this video, Pierre rides some amazing looking places and shows them off with classic moves. The tyreslide off the edge of the concrete ramp was one of my personal highlights.

DIOGO SANTOS: Serial Camera Killer

Diogo Santos coming through with some self-filmed freshness for Icon Bike Store in Portugal. This video starts on small set ups and works up to some pretty serious spots… Diogo kills it.


Basically one of the coolest scenes ever – a growing bunch of French BMX riders and skaters head to the Basque Country every summer for some heavy sessions at some of the region’s many concrete parks.

It just seems like a good old time, camping with friends, drinking beers and having BBQs every night. This year they’ve gone for a slightly different approach to the video, with this 11-min documentary edit nicely crafted by Julien Peyrou.

JUNCTION 2016: Fred Baldwin

This went online in 2017 and it's just a rad dude doing fun things on his bike. Fred is always out there on a trip, often by himself, just for the love of it. Jumping through fireballs is always a good idea...

Ride UK - LIFEWORK: Anthony Pearson

Ant Pearson and his Hymerlife travels got a lot of you jealous... This video is all about the lifestyle of living on the road and riding amazing spots. Ant absolutely kills it.