Whoa, Jack O'Reilly is savage! Dude just sends it down gnarly setups non stop. I'm not sure about that hat but I'll let him off! This is a seriously impressive video part...

Jack gets friendly with some beastly hand rails – there's one he hits a few times, with a bunch of wild moves. Don't miss this one. Pure BMX!

More info:

Jack O'Reilly was relentless while filming for the Back Bone Video.

Jack went out and worked his ass off finding spots and filming gnarly stuff, weekly for 18 months, and it shows in his part. Big rails and heavy tricks, filmed almost exclusively in Canberra. We're stoked to have Jack bring in the final section of the Back Bone video and he is a long way from done finding gnarly spots and shutting them down.

Filmed and edited by Brendan Boeck with additional filming by the crew.

Song: City of Refuge - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds