The guys from Base BMX uploaded this video of an Anonymous Trail Jam Session. I'd like to tell you who the riders are but that would have to remain anonymous. Nah I'm just kidding, here's the details translated from Portuguese to English.

"Rolled weekend last node in Botucatu / SP Jam Session on Anonymous trail. This peak is the reference when it comes to land in Brazil. Has been the subject of national and international magazines and websites because of the quality and look of your lines. Constantly evolving, the tracks there are on the rise. this time the sites let visitors even more satisfied. Ramps everywhere. Clean. Perfect!

It is noteworthy that all this was built with much effort by a few guys. On the board of AT are: Fernando Bubble, Evandro, Balaio and Andrew xule. The guys do not skimp on the time to dig. Deserve our recognition.

With this whole scenario for, leftover praise from visitors. They took every minute of extended Sunday to make their heads as riding a bmx.

Many gifts were delivered on the day and everyone went back to happy home life with this event. More!"