It's always awesome to see BMX scenes growing in different countries. Here we have Andrej Lopin going fast on the streets of Serbia – this is rad! I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone get more stoked on every clip. It's great to see.

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BMX is not so common in Serbia. There is no BMX shop, and parts are rather expensive for our standards. Those few of us riding are enthusiasts. On the other hand, wild street spots rarely being occupied by security guard make up before mentioned lacks. I'm sending you a video of my brother Andrej Lopin - representer of our slowly growing scene. Clips are mainly filmed during 2015/16 in Sremska Mitrovica, Novi Sad and Belgrade with some old clips from 2012. Lot of clips he filmed himself. Filming this video was followed by sorrowness of some nasty crashes and true joy when searching for street spots and riding them. The video was edited by Milan Babic.