Into this short one from the ABQ DNV crew. Ryan Pipkin gets some really solid moves done on some decent spots around Denver, Colorado. Filmed well and cut nicely to an Etta James track, so smooth! Worth a watch for sure.

More info:

So this past fall we had Ryan Pipkin staying with us for a bit up in Denver. We rode bikes, we drank coffee and talked a lot of nonsense but was a lot of fun and really got to hang out and see what Ryan was about. Needless to say after a while Ryan was more the welcome on that couch and was filming a few clips a day.

Here we are now in winter with this final project wrapped up with the help of a few friends capturing clips and seconds angles and cannot be happier how this all wrapped up. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported in any way possible.

Rider - Ryan Pipkin

Music - Etta James

FIlmed/Cut - ABQDNV

Additional Filming - Dustin Arp, Hunter Ludwick