The Yate Tape lads, led by Emerson Morgan and his camera, have just put out this new mixtape from the streets of Bristol and surroundings. A live street busking jazz soundtrack – nice choice – and some interesting riding make this well worth watching. For the most part, I didn't recognise too many spots. Fresh viewing is always nice.

Emerson's opening clips make way for some impressive things by the likes of Harry Mills-Wakley, Michael Suttle and Tom Dom Hill. Stoked to see Scott Summerhayes with a solid clip in there too! This is a proper street mixtape, well worth the time – hit it.

In order of appearance:

Emerson Morgan, Yog, Dan Moon, Steve Olds, Scott Summerhayes, Michael Suttle, Snake Eater, Harry Mills-Wakley, David Cook, Will Metcalf, Rude'en, Chris Maher, Dylan Bird, Tom Dom Hill.

For more goodness from the Yatetape, check their full length A2B here.