Declan Brooks might be recovering from a nasty leg break, but that doesn't mean he's chilling. As part of British Cycling / Team GB, on their Olympic Freestyle BMX programme, he has some great rehabilitation facilities at his disposal. This means he's had a pretty speedy turnaround.

When I went to see him at his house in Corby, he had his leg in a super fancy ice box / compression machine. This thing was legit... It pumps cold water around a special sleeve that you put on your leg, while also compressing it with pressure at different intervals. High end stuff.

He's getting back on the bike now, and has a new one to enjoy, so we took a look.

– How's the leg feeling?

Leg is feeling good... Running at about 90%. Still really sore after sessions but really pleased with the progress. Got my first contest back this weekend in Holland, I'm looking forward to getting back out there.

– How’s the bike feeling? How long you been on this one?

I've been on it around 2 months. Only properly riding hard for one month. It’s so dialled right now... She looks too fresh as well.

– How do you personally like it set up?

Gyro and 2 pegs, medium size handlebars, not too big. The bike is pretty light as well, there are loads of titanium bits on it. I also like a high seat post so that I can clamp my seat when doing bar spins.

– Any recent changes to the steed?

No recent changes, I built it up from new and everything’s running a treat.

– What’s the best thing about it?

I’d say the colour right now. It just looks so fresh with the black and gold. I’ve added the gold brake nib bits which I really like. Just a personal touch.

– What have you been doing on this bike since building it? Where has it taken you?

To be honest I’ve not been anywhere since I’ve been back riding. Just been in Corby rehabbing. Gym has been my life for the past 4 months.

– What’s coming up next for you?

So this weekend I have Pro Freestyle in Holland. Then I’m at Eurocamp for a few days the week after. In November I’m in China for 2 weeks. That’s for Fise and the World Cup. Then I’m done for the year event wise.

– Any final words?

Just a big thank you to Profile Racing for the fresh bits!

Bike Spec

  • Frame: Radio S6 prototype, via Jack Clark
  • Forks: Odyssey R32
  • Bars: Total BMX
  • Stem: Profile Push
  • Grips: ODI
  • Front Wheel: Profile Mini, ti bolts, ti spokes, Alienation rim
  • Rear Wheel: Profile Mini, 9t ti driver and axle, ti spokes, Alienation rim
  • Tyres: Maxxis Grifter, 2.3" front, 2.1" rear
  • Sprocket: Profile 28t
  • Cranks: Profile Column 170mm, Ti axle
  • Pedals: Haro Lineage
  • Brake: Shadow
  • Lever: Odyssey