On the first weekend of September Kriss Kyle, Greg Illingworth, Alex Hiam, Lima, Chaz Mailey, Bas Keep and the Tall Order crew headed to Hard, Austria for the 5th Stop of the Rider Further Tour.

Words & Video by Philip Kölsch

Photos by Sebastian Gerlich

It all just sounded too good to be true: an amazing concrete park in a beautiful location at a massive outdoor music festival . Well, that's where it all started to go wrong - As soon as the boys arrived in Austria it started pouring, for 3 days straight and the festival got cancelled.

Plan B - Contest at an indoor skatepark?

Plan C - Jägermeister?

Plan D - Pray for the rain to stop and at least attempt a small contest?

However, the concrete park was just too tempting, so everyone agreed to chance it during a brief dry spell and it worked! It must have been Greg Illingworth's tweet to Jesus that made the weather change on Sunday.

As soon as it dried up, everyone headed to the park for a quick practice session and then into straight finals. All in all, it became pretty short and condensed version of a weekend that had promised a lot more but was nonetheless great fun - or 'epic/lit' in the words of the Tall Order crew. Everyone had an amazing time riding and it felt more like a great family road trip weekend than anything else.