Highlights from FISE World Edmonton.

Words, photos and video by Scott Connor

FISE World series has taken the international competition circuit by storm in 2016. Event after event on continent after continent – Croatia, France, USA, Canada and the final event happening in Chengdu, China later this month. A major series showcasing the highest class of pro BMX athletes.

The fourth round of FISE World went down in Edmonton, Canada. That's in the Western province of Alberta and one of the most Northern cities in the Americas.


Having never been to Canada, I jumped on the opportunity for a visit. Edmonton is a cool city, it's quite large and known within Canada as the festival city. And rightly so, as there was a definite festival vibe around the whole FISE event. The venue was a huge open park style location, with the stages scattered across its area.


FISE transport their ramp setup between each event. They then mix up the layout for each location, giving a familiar but different course throughout each stage of the contest. So, a few stages into the tour the riders have really got a feel for the ramps and are prepared to send it bigger than before. The stoke was real on the FISE World Edmonton course.


Yeah, the contest was awesome. Yeah, the park was sick, and yeah, the riding was unbelievable. But the whole vibe of FISE and the wicked parties that took place every night really made for a stand-out event. But that's not the end of it. The FISE World final event takes place 28th - 30th October in Chengdu, China. I've got a feeling this final stage is really going to be something special. Stay tuned for our final instalment covering all the action on the course and the madness and hijinks that occur when BMX riders get let loose in China.