Belfast, Northern Ireland. A place I know very little about, aside from the fact the Titanic was built there and that it's where The Ramp House is. (They had a jam there recently.)

Given my lack of knowledge on the place, I should go on a trip there to get to know it. Perhaps in a similar vein, Ed Zunda and Fernando Laczko ended up going to Belfast to explore the city and attend the aforementioned jam.

In the space of a couple of days, these two rode a number of good ledge spots, and a police car. Actually, it was more of a riot van... But yeah, you read that right. As you'll see above, Zunda and Nando were pretty much 'Busted in Belfast' for riding that police van...

Video filmed by Nathan Moore, Eisa Bakos and Shyamil Rajdev
Edited by Robin Pearson
Photos by Shyam Rajdev



Q&A with Ed Zunda

– How come you and Nando ended up in Belfast?

"Basically, the guys at Monster - Ryan and Shyam hit me and Nando up about a lil trip to Belfast, we agreed and we were there! Haha."

– What happened with the police?!

"Nothing really, haha! It was more of a joke and they were cool enough to play along with it and even let Nando ride on their car..."


– How was the weather?

"Different.. It was my first time in Belfast, imagined that it would be close to what’s back home, but it sure changed way faster from rain to sun, so you can imagine.. Colder then I expected at that time of year, huh."

– Did you ride some good spots? Which was your favourite?

"We only rode a few spots, but they were pretty wide and there was always something else around the corner.. but yeah we got to ride that tall upledge which was fun, there was lots of stuff next to it, but as our luck ran out we got kicked out, after getting some quick bits."

– Where are you going next?

"For a bath.. Haha"