The first time I saw Tom Van Den Bogaard must have been around 7 years ago during a miniramp jam in his village, Aarle-Rixtel. Back then he was doing tuck to fakies and rode all day while we were drinking beers.

Quickly after that, 040BMXPark in Eindhoven opened and he progressed so quickly because of that huge park with pure transitions. Watching him ride 040BMXPark is truly insane, he has every line on lock, (as seen in his latest Tall Order edit) has almost an Aitken-esque style and is often compared to him but is also always able to throw down the big tricks like a triple downwhip over a box.

While still being 21 years old we are definitely going to see more from this kid and looking forward to seeing what the future is going to bring for him!

Words and photos by Aaron Zwaal


– How’s the bike feeling? How long you been on this one?

"The bike is feeling absolutely great! I've been riding with the same specs since I got on Tall Order in January last year. Only changed up some parts after one year and switched up parts for the newer Tall Order ones. For example when the new Tall Order hubs came out I switched my old ones out for them."

– How do you personally like it set up?

"I prefer to ride with my bars a little bit Chicago. To me it feels like I got more room for my legs. And I always ride with my seat slammed."

"I prefer to ride with my bars a little bit Chicago."

– Any recent changes to the steed?

"Just the rear tyre because I blew up my old one after testing the new winch 040BMXPark got. I went really fast because of the winch and pulled my brake when there was something sharp on the ground."


– What’s the best thing about it?

"The Drone rear hub! Been riding it for 8 months now and it feels amazing. I didn’t have any problems with it and I can definitely feel the difference with other rear hubs."

– Any special mods?

"I cut the bars 1 cm at both sides."

– What have you been doing on this bike since building it? Where has it taken you?

"I have filmed my latest edit with it for Tall Order in 040BMXPark and I have been to Malta for a BMX competition."


– What’s coming up next for you?

"FISE in Montpellier is going to be the next one. I'm always super excited to compete in this contest because the most insane riding will go down... And then I go back to Eurocamp with my friends in the summer for two weeks."

– Any final words?

"I can’t thank Paul at Paul’s Boutique BMX Shop and Sebastian at Tall Order enough for the best feeling bike I have ever had and for making me a part of their team."

Bike Spec:

Frame: Tall Order 215 21" toptube

Forks: Tall Order Ramp Fork

Bars: Tall Order Ramp Bars 9.75"

Stem: Federal Love 52mm

Grips: Federal Command 1x Flange, 1x Flangeless

Front Wheel: Tall Order Drone to Perfect BMX Wheels

Rear Wheel: Tall Order Drone RHD 9T to Perfect BMX Wheels

Tyres: Tall Order Wallride 2.3

Seat: Tall Order Railed Seat

Sprocket: Federal Revolution 28T

Cranks: Federal Vice V2 24mm

Pedals: Federal Contact PC