If you haven't had the chance to see Miguel Cuesta ride his local bowl (or anywhere else for that matter) you're missing out. With a style that only Málaga could produce and him being one of the most down to earth guys you'll come across, he's a treat to watch and hang out with anywhere and anytime. You won't meet anyone that loves to ride his bike more than Miguel!

Words and photos by Mikkel Mogensen


– How’s the bike feeling? How long you been on this one?

"Smooth and fast, I've been on it for two days."

– How do you personally like it set up?

"Lots of tyre pressure, tight chain, everything dialled."

– Any recent changes to the steed?

"A couple of days ago I got a package from Robbie Morales at Cult and thanks to that I could change some worn out parts, like my frame that was welded, chain and pedals.. He sent a lot more but I'm saving that for replacements."

– What’s the best thing about it?

"All the new stuff! It came unexpectedly from the man himself Robbie Morales, and when I most needed it as I had been riding with broken frame and not being able to get a new one."


– Any special mods?

"I always cut my forks and bars but the rest is straight out of the box."

– Why are your bars so short?

"Tabletops love it!"

– What’s coming up next for you? Do you have any trips planned in 2018?

"I'm just going to ride my fucking bike. I am thinking about doing a long trip to the north of Spain and France, also maybe California and Australia depending on the costs."

– Any final words?

"Thanks for your time and especially thanks to Robbie Morales and Cult for giving me a big push when I needed it, Chase Hawk for giving me parts they always gave me extra motivation, Urbankat for helping me out these days, Mikkel Mogensen for making every photo session comfortable (red light fever) and also a big thanks to Corey Walsh for helping me out and being a good friend from the other side of the pond, I'll be here to show you around España amigo!"

Bike Spec

Frame: Cult Hawk V3

Forks: Odyssey R32

Bars: Cult Hawk 8.8

Stem: Relic

Grips: Cult Faith

Front Wheel: Gsport rollcage with a Profile hub

Rear Wheel: Gsport rollcage with a Colony wasp

Tyres: Cult AK

Sprocket: Cult 30T

Cranks: Cult Hawk 175mm

Pedals: Cult

Watch Miguel Cuesta's Summer 2017 video HERE.