Kriss Kyle has a lot going on. His mad creative riding style, trips and long distance travel, various video projects – such as the Canon piece we did with him this summer, plus an upcoming 10 year BSD edit that promises to be pretty epic – and quite a formidable wardrobe. If you follow him on Instagram (@krisskyle) you might be familiar with some of his clothing choices. He has some interesting clothes, no doubt.

Kriss seems to get hooked up with pieces from a few brands, including Ethik, a New York streetwear brand making a few moves in the BMX world. (They've recently released collab pieces with Cult, and a whole product line with Austin Augie.)

We took a look at one particularly fruity outfit with Kriss, featuring Ethik, Spect, BSD and The Source gear. See below for the details...

Spect Eyewear have partnered with Red Bull, who obviously also sponsor Kriss, so he was trying out these Shade sunglasses when we visited. We've seen a few different models around recently, but this was the first time we'd seen the Shades. The Spect Shade glasses are pretty big and bold, with a big fascia a bit like moto goggles. The build quality is impressive, with nice materials used and a decent finish.

This Ethik ensemble is pretty eye-catching! I guess it's not for everyone, but Kriss pulls it off. Bold colours, athletic fit, lots of little details and embroidered parts, pleasing synthetic fabric. Ethik call it a 'soccer jersey' but we all thought it looked quite moto / BMX race, with some old school flavour.

Nike may have fairly recently dropped their BMX programme, but Nike Janoskis are still the go-to for many riders. Good build quality, nice sole design, plenty of options available... I guess Kriss still has a few pairs kicking around.

The Source is a powerhouse of a BMX shop, with their own enormous underground skatepark and the legendary Battle of Hastings contest, plus a huge mail order business and a strong team of riders (including Kriss.) To top it all off, they also have their own branded socks...

Last but not least, Kriss Kyle's bike. Full BSD from front to back, built around Kriss' signature Passenger frame, this is a solid machine that Kriss navigates all terrain on.

Check out the video below featuring some heavy riding in this outfit!