Profile Racing are renowned for their long heritage in producing high quality, hand crafted hubs and cranks. So when they released their first Freecoaster back in Spring everyone wanted to know more. Since then the Z Coaster has proved it's worth the high price tag, with nothing but good reviews from everyone on their team who likes to ride backwards.

The Z coaster takes its name from the innovative Z shaped paws, which engage and disengage through the adjustable slack ring. That might sound complex, but actually the Z Coaster has some of the simplest, easy to maintain and reliable internals on the market.


In my opinion the best thing about the Z Coaster is that the sound of the cassette lets you know when the driver's engaged, which instantly goes silent once you back pedal to disengage. So no more waking up in the middle of night in a cold sweat, worrying about landing a high speed 180 with the cranks engaged… Splat.

Here’s Jay Hobsn, John Stafford and Dillion Leeper to show you what the Z Coaster’s made for.

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