FBC STR? FBC means Fitbikeco, STR means street. If street riding is the thing that really grabs you in the world of BMX, this could be the steed for you.

Fitbikeco was founded in late 1999 by Robbie Morales and S&M’s Chris Moeller in Santa Ana, California. Since the beginning, Fit has had a legendary team of riders – Mike Aitken, Van Homan, Brian Foster, Shawn Mac, Tom Dugan, Justin Inman, Edwin Delarosa… The list goes on.

“4 pegs, 4pc bars, responsive geometry... The Fitbikeco STR is totally set up for modern street riding."

In 2010, Morales left Fit to start Cult, taking a few team riders such as Chase Hawk and Dakota Roche with him, but Fit took this all in its stride.

A number of excellent full-length team videos (F-it, Fit Life, Stay Fit, Holy Fit) have helped build Fit’s legendary reputation, both as a brand and as a group of talented bike riders.


With S&M’s plentiful industry experience backing it the whole way, Fit has remained a formidable brand that offers a full range of USA-made parts as well as a huge range of more affordable complete bikes made in Taiwan.

“The Fitbikeco STR is totally set up for modern street riding."

The Fit STR is totally set up for modern street riding. It’s got street-specific geometry, four pegs and four-piece handlebars. The frame has a 75.5º headtube angle and 13.1" chainstays, with an 11.8" high bottom bracket for plenty of pop. We’d say it’s definitely ready!

Colour wise, the STR is offered in typically understated colours. Raw or Black. Street as fuck. We thought the colour scheme on our bike looked class – all black with yellow graphics, spot on. The simple brown seat and dark tan wall tyres add a little extra something, too, so the whole package looks legit straight out of the box.

RRP: £399.99

Note: like all bikes sold in the UK. the Fitbikeco. STR comes with brakes.