The Eclat Fireball has become a seriously popular tyre choice, we see these things everywhere. Maybe it’s the design, perhaps the technology employed by Éclat in their construction, or just the influence of the team riders who use it – whatever it is, you can’t argue with the Fireball’s popularity.

Éclat, started in 2008, is a parts company run by the same guys as Wethepeople. They say that simplicity is at the heart of their approach to product design, and that they’re constantly moving forward and pushing the boundaries to create innovative and exciting BMX parts that last longer than ever.

“As the preferred option for street boss Ty Morrow, you seriously can’t go far wrong with the Eclat Fireball."

Put simply, they know what they’re doing. Their design work is always on point, their videos are awesome and their team absolutely shreds. With the likes of Ty Morrow, Devon Smillie, Alex Kennedy, Dan Coller and Sean Burns (to name but a few) running Éclat parts, you know you can count on them.

The Eclat Fireball is a chunky tyre fully suited to big stuff, tech stuff and even – as Éclat say – wild stuff. Fundamentally they’ve been designed with street riders in mind, but we’ve seen a few of these down the skatepark too.


The Eclat Fireball tyres have got something called ‘Street-Shield’ technology, which makes the sidewalls super resistant to damage when grinding, plus they’ve got a nylon layer which helps protect against punctures.

“With a new revised and grind friendly tread pattern, the Fireball’s super tough construction and all-round friendly design makes it the perfect tire for any rider looking for something that’s built to grip and last." –Éclat


You can get this tyre in two sizes – a 2.4" balloon or a slightly more modest 2.3", either way that’s plenty of ‘meat under your wheels’ for the gnarly moves.

As the preferred option for street boss Ty Morrow, you seriously can’t go far wrong with these tyres.

RRP: £29.99