Battle of Hastings 2018 was a hell of a contest. The Source Park in Hastings hosted yet another banger – with many of the world's top riders present, roasting every part of the park (including the new parts at the bowl end), watched by hundreds of fans who were quick enough to order a ticket when they went on sale. It's a seriously crazy atmosphere in there.

Put simply, Battle of Hastings 2018 was big weekend for everyone involved, as always. Between all the savage BMX riding and partying etc, we took a look at some of the best-looking bikes in the building. From solid street setups to ramp rigs and everything in between, with a healthy dose of the mid-school, here are 14 of the top riders' bikes side by side.

Check them all out, see how different they look from one to the other. Think about the pilot of each one and how their riding style looks with their weapon of choice... Lots of little differences, some big ones, with a wide range of tastes. 

Which one is your favourite?