Day 2 - Custom Riders

The early bird catches the worm, so by the time we got up and going all the worms had been eaten. Fortunately none of us like worms, so a full english breakfast, with the introduction of Black Pudding was high on the agenda. On full bellies we headed full-steam towards Custom Riders and Flo Skatepark in Nottingham which you may remember from the start of Ride To Glory. After the guys had signed everything within arms reach a busy but fun session ensued, with everyone just having a good old time. We even managed to snap a photo of Ian Morris which is the first riding photo he's had taken since 1993! One lucky fella went home with the complete United RN1 and countless others were more than happy to fight it out in the bowl for stickers and t-shirts; I'm pretty sure everyone went home happy. Having filled up on some wonderful Nottingham curry we're in London and ready to hit up The Volt and ride some bowls in the glorious sunshine tomorrow. See ya there! - DUNK

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