Day 1 - Hardcore Hobbies

Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams and Geoff Slattery made the trip up to Hardcore Hobbies in Bury St Edmunds to meet the locals and check out the store. It was a great turnout with kids getting the boys to sign anything that wasn't nailed down. Geoff even signed someones daughter. I think the kids all went away pretty happy with all their new photo's for facebook, and we all agreed that the young generation of Bury St Edmunds are all a very polite bunch! After a bite to eat and getting stuck in traffic we headed on over to Area 25 Skatepark to ride with the locals there. Those guys have the place dialled and definitely had a good time showing the American visitors a few lines. Next stop Nottingham! - DUNK

Photos by Dunk @therollingimage and @united_bmx @etniesbmx @geoffslatts @shozohhhq #unitedcolorsofetnies