One major reason riders quit is because of the missus. It's nailed on, and has been since day one of BMX. The irony is, she gets with you BECAUSE you ride… "yaahh he like rides BMX" Then flips out big time when you're looking to get a session in with the lads. What was once her massive turn on, is now a turn off as she skips up to you wearing your Source shirt and waving a National Trust pamphlet completely ruining your Saturday. It gets too much as you have to make a decision. Regular intercourse with a bird who's too good for you or BMX? The quitters choose the bird, pretty much because they're dorks who have the appearance of a house brick and worry they'll never get laid again.

Advice - As soon as your Facebook relationship status changes you need to Whatsapp her clear boundaries (you can have Sunday mornings and 3 evenings a week). Don't be afraid to call the shots at this stage, it is possible to have a tidy, high maintenance bird long term and still ride. If you've not got the minerals to do both, a stock ramp slag will cater for your needs while you're still living the BMX dream. Also, moshers/emo/alternative is an option, you can ride but have to put up with deep psychological flaws and fridge dependence issues leading to massive weight gain.


2. Cars

Little Lee has never quit BMX. But here's an edit with MY old Corsa..

Dave still riding? Nah he's into cars now…

How many times have you heard this gem? You set about having driving lessons because you want to travel to more places to ride. Then before you know it Dave is driving a late nineties, high mileage Corsa painted matte black by hand with orange wheel trims. Then the ender comes as this hits your Instagram feed "BMX for sale, £600. Need cash ASAP as head gasket blown on Corsa". Final nail in the coffin. Your unsuspecting BMXer has now got a bunch of Ginster munching 'car mates'. Who choose to handbrake turn vehicles with a retail value of around £800 in Home Base car parks instead of riding.

Advice - Don't buy a Corsa. And don't forget why you wanted to get a car in the first place, so you could put your bike in the back and ride new spots. Being into cars is fine, look at the Boqer crew, all drive decent motors while still finding time to ride BMX. Balance point, hit it.


3. You're Shit


This one is grim, quitting riding because you're not good at it. Fair play if your riding mates are bullies and rip you everyday for not being able to sling a bars. But other than that, if you quit because you feel you're not good enough, then you just aint sent it have you my friend?

The words 'fuck it' are the perfect antidote to feeling inadequate about BMX. This well placed statement at the top of any run up is all you need to get to the next level of enjoyment in BMX. It's time you got the adrenaline pumping and sent it. Your mates will love you for it whether it's pulled or not and you'll come away with a new found confidence in what you're doing.

Advice - As stated above, if you're lacking the skills it's time to dig deep with the bravery and do something a bit mental. Stick a lid on and ride outside of your comfort zone, the moment you do something new or different is the moment you enjoy BMX again.


4. Injury


Sometimes being injured really is the final straw when it comes to your BMX riding life. I've tried to ride through the pain with a ruined back before and it's miserable. If you've had a bad injury while riding this is enough to put anyone off getting back on the bike again and there's absolutely no shame in that. Some of my closest friends have quit because their bodies have just given up mending. It's a tough road, but each one of them who have succumbed to this have been nothing short of brilliant when riding. If you're going out with injuries, it's because you have pushed your boundaries and this is admirable.

Advice - Time is key to injuries. Give yourself some serious time to heal, don't fuck around trying to ride when something is not fixed. It sours your session and just prolongs your agony. If you need a year or two out then try take this on the chin. Get a camera, film some shit, try enjoy the time on the sidelines the best you can. Don't buy a Corsa, don't get a high maintenance bird.


5. Nothing to ride


By far the WORST excuse for not riding since your fat mate said he can't come out because his 6mm is rounded off.

Having nothing to ride in your area/town/city or whatever is not an excuse. Your friends will accept anything but this treachery. Just be honest, you're quitting because you're bored! this anyone can tolerate. If you can't think of a trick on flat ground to do and be happy with then BMX is not for you. Go back to World of Warcraft and live your life.

Advice - The only advice for this miserable excuse is to quit riding.