The Source Park recently got a major upgrade in the Plaza room. The new Source Plaza was unveiled to the Battle of Hastings teams for their video contest that ran alongside the main event, which provided another element for the judges to decide on who went through to the finals. Those videos will be out over the coming weeks, but in the mean time...

Brian Kachinsky knows a thing or two about BMX course design. From his own project, The Bakery, to his input and judging prowess in contests the world over, the dude is on it.

Check out BK's thoughts on the design process, the limitations of the space and issues of living thousands of miles away from the park in the video above. Looks like he managed to do a grand job!

More info:

We were honoured to have Brian Kachinsky design the new Source Plaza for us! With Brian's deep heritage in riding and designing his own Bakery parks we new he would come up with something incredible. Check out this short about the design process and what went in to the new Source Plaza for Battle of Hastings.

Plus if you fancy riding this set up head down to Hastings, UK and check it out. More info here: