Here's some good news for all. We all know how awful bruised heels can be, and how weak support can make the difference between injury and safety.

It's good to feel comfortable on the pedals – which is why we're surprised it's taken this long for someone to make a BMX-specific insole. Many riders have been using insoles from skate brands or general sports brands for a while, but luckily Shadow have now got it sorted for BMX.

Check the video above for some demonstrations, the words below for the details and hit up your favourite shop for some of these bad boys soon.

More info:

Shadow is proud to introduce to the world our new Invisa-Lite Pro Insoles. Designed to keep your foot secure and stable while providing support and impact defense, the Shadow Invisa-Lite Pro Insoles are the FIRST insole made just for BMX.

Engineered with an ergonomic shape featuring a deep heel cup and mid arch that evenly distributes weight, alleviating joint stress during the heaviest impacts. The Invisa-Lite Pro Insole come equipped with Stabalite and ShockFoam Impact Proof Protection materials Shockfoam ensures that the force of the impact is ABSORBED, not rebounded while molding to the shape of your foot. Stabalite cushions and stabilizes. Layered together with a moisture wicking upper fabric, all three materials work together to guarantee high performance, protection, durability and ultimate comfort.

Need evidence? Watch the video and get knowledgable then head to your local Shadow dealer or the Shadow Web Store and pick up a pair for yourself today.