We stayed overnight in a place directly opposite one of the most insane clubs in England. Some of us were a bit beaten up so we hung back, but the others sent it HARD so the morning was pretty amusing... We had some embarrassed female company for a couple of hours. After some perfectly awkward scenes we ended up on our bikes for a warm up at this spot in Milton Keynes:
HB3 218
We had already called it as OnePiece day and continued checking off challenges and laughing our heads off…
HB3 027
HB3 132
HB3 174
The beer bong scene really was hilarious. Our £1 petrol siphon was ideal.
Next we messed about at a classic spot…
HB3 290
HB3 239
This fakie to over ice just about got away from Jamie. It was close but no cigar.
HB3 086
A kind gent volunteered his daughter's bike for Dan to 360.
HB3 080
HB3 072
It rained a bit so we drove until we ended up at Northampton Radlands plaza. It dried up pretty quickly and we had a decent session.
HB3 116
We corrected a car and Dan did this:
HB3 100

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