Was up fairly early today and waited for Sas, Bryn and Joey H to arrive before setting off to Huddersfield! After missing a turning we stopped at Salford and rode the banked hip spot for a bit and got some stuff done before heading on to Huddersfield. On route the weather wasn’t looking too promising and it was a bit hit and miss on arrival. Huddersfield was dope, We met up with Isaac who was our guide for the day showing us some good spots, Cheers for that man! Today has been my favourite so far, plenty of good shit to snap photos of and watching Sas ride was so good, loads of weird tricks I’ve never seen before (you’ll have to see the clips in the edit) it was a treat! Headed back to Liverpool, got pizza, good times! — Fooman


Watch the Red Bull Flow clips HERE. Download the app below...


Ride to Glory and Red Bull Flow

This year Ride to Glory is partnering with the Red Bull Flow app, Flow will help RTG team riders to instantly share clips throughout their RTG trips. You may remember we partnered with Red Bull Flow for the Ride UK Shop Battle last year. In a nutshell, the Flow app allows users to create instant, seamless video based on a clip’s tags. By tagging tricks that are filmed on the app with the rider, trick or location, your clips become more sharable and discoverable by others. We’ll be using the tag #RTG2014 so make sure you download Flow to your phone for the opportunity to see exclusive clips from all the RTG teams from 26th July 2nd August. We’ll also be selecting our favourite Red Bull Flow clips from RTG teams and sharing them on the Ride UK website throughout the RTG week.

How Flow Works:

1. Download Flow to your phone and film BMX clips with the app

2. Add tags: rider, trick, location, then publish to Flow and Facebook & Twitter to share with your friends. For RTG content, look out for the tag #RTG2014

3. Watch other people’s tricks back on your phone or as collaborative videos – ‘Flows’ – on redbullflow.com

Get Flow:


iPhone: Download from iTunes

Android: Download from Play