Another eventful day today, although we didn't do tons of riding, we definitely got some good clips, photos and ticked off a few challenges along the way.

We went to a rad diving spot in southern Ireland where the water was FREEZING! We rode a little flat bank spot in Waterford and then headed to a real sketchy abandoned factory where we made it onto the roof and got a few good clips. On the way out we nearly got caught by the river police but we got away GTA style along a train track and then hid out in an underground car park.

lads at van

Unloading in Southern Ireland.

max and bottles

Max getting his bike ready for something.

bike ready

Time to dive in!

maoam head

We made a team mascot out of Maoam.

jay tooth

Jay done a sweet tooth 180 on this rail right on the beach.

mike peg no hands

Mike peg to no hander on the bank to rail.

climbing throgh factory