Poor old Rubio, his taxi (Heathrow to Newcastle!) got in at 11.30pm last night. We had planned to go up to Unit 23 but then made a last minute decision to head back down south where the weather was looking better. In the true German style we set off super early, put the pedal to the metal and headed to Birmingham too meet up with The Chicken from The Make.

On the way down we dropped that big cash money flex on the £50 Snack Service Station Challenge. In his usual calculated efficiency, Nike 6.0 TM, Achim Kujawski, managed to spend exactly 50 quid to the penny. He really is the human calculator!

We figured that Wolverhampton would be the best spot hook-up so we spent the rest of the day there. Wolvo was a beast though really, probably one of the most productive days of the trip.


1. IMG_1815

Akim buying service station snacks for the £50 Service Station Challenge.

2. 50quid

Exactly £50.00!


Probably should keep that for the tax bill...


The bloody ash cloud! Nightmare!

5. Cannon-Si_Table_Wolvo__sRGB_NathanBeddows2011_630p

Local Shredder Cannon Si with a sweet table out of the brick flatbank wallride.

6. MASSIVE L at wolvo bank

Massive Lambert is massive!

7. Daniel Tunte_180 whip_sRGB_NathanBeddows2011

180 whip from the Tunte-nator!


#PADREEK is trending...

9. IMG_1821

Nonstop marrte

10. Simone Barraco Barspin_sRGB_NathanBeddows2011_630p

Simone with a tightarse tranny bars.

11. 6 people on one bike

6 People on one bike. Yep...

12. Matty L filming Simone B

iPhone art snap of one of the best clips filmed from that day.

13. Chicken has been giving up his sweet spots

Chicken checks the damage to his local spots...

14. Rubio has been taking it bad

Day one and Rubio has been shredding but has already taken a few diggers. Wallride gap gone a bit wrong.