Today we've learned the sad news that our close friend Mute has passed away after a Kayaking accident. Mute was an inspirational character in the UK BMX scene, putting on various street jams all over the country for many years. He did positive work in the community at large, inspiring young people to follow their dreams and supporting them along the way. Mute, you will be greatly missed by so many.

Joe Bailey and Ben Gerrish put some words together. RIP brother.

Mute was a man with the enthusiasm and character of ten men, his love for BMX, organising jams, partying and more recently kayaking was un measurable. I have laughed my dormant stomach muscles into life at his guitar riffs, and songs about Street Dave's shits that were stuck in the toilet. I have witnessed him talk a woman out of jumping off of a bridge as I stood back not wanting to have dealt with the guilt after if she had of jumped. And not to mention heard many a crazy kayaking story over cuppa.

He was truly an awesome human being who would look out for his friends or just about any other human being, no matter the cost.

Take it easy Mute, "Don't fear the reaper"


The Mute was one of the most exceptional people you could ever hope to meet, with boundless energy and enthusiasm for BMX and everything else he took on in life. The hours, days, weeks and months he put into the preparation and organisation of every Project5 Jam was unreal. The amount of energy he’d put into the megaphone and as well as riding at the jams was impressive to say the least after the sheer quantity of rum we drunk the night before every jam and general sabotage of his bike… Standard. The Jams were the starting point for many friendships as well as giving hundreds of people the opportunity to ride, have fun and experience new cities, exactly what he set out to do.

Outside of BMX, Mute was selfless, generous and a wild musician. To those who never met him I hope you can find people to tell you some of the endless tales and to those who knew him I hope you remember him well!

We miss you mate,

RIP Matt 'Mute' Parker


Seventies BMX - Project 5 Jam / Newcastle 2009 from Seventies Distribution on Vimeo.

One of Mute's creations, the awesome P5 jam in Newcastle.