I was up pretty late the other night and saw a post on Twitter by Dan Lacey about one of the most influential videos from back in the day; Square One - Wide Awake Nightmare.

For those of you who know about this video already will know how much of a landmark video this was back then, arguably up there with the likes of FBM - Albert Street and Little Devil - Criminal Mischief.


Lacey is laid up injured from the back of his last trip due to his pretty gnarly recent crash which resulted in a bruised lung! You guys could head over to his Page to show him some support, there's nothing worse than being hurt. I should know, just destroyed my ankle this weekend doing a whip.

Also give Dan's newest Chain Reaction Cycles edit a re-visit and remember how much of a BOSS the guy is...

Lima Eltham mentioned an absolutely brilliant section in the Twitter convo which seems to be non-existent in internet land... Can anyone remember "Building The Underground"?

If you happen to own a copy of and have the equipment to upload either the full video or even just Darren Reid's section we reckon Lima would be over the moon and so would we for that matter! Send us a message if you can help out.