This weeks Photo Booth is with one of Newcastle’s finest, S&M bikes, James Newrick. You’ve probably seen a lot of "Jim" in print or in various edits, but never from behind the lens.


This was shot on one of the last days of the famous Gateshead carpark that featured in the film 'Get Carter'. The public were alowed free reign of the building for a two days. I found these two men removing the wooden car park level signs maybe to sell on ebay. Pete Greaves and myself followed suit and got to work on some signs using Petes home made steady cam as a crow bar.


Scott Taylor, tabletop. This photo was shot down the industrial end of Newcastle keyside. Scott recently shattered his heel into pieces on a gap gone wrong. He was wheel chair bound for a few months and now has a strange medical boot. Sunday sessions are not the same without him. Get well soon Scott.


Shot on my Mamiya again around 3 years ago on a visit to Chesterfield. Wozzy took me to a lake where we met up with mates from Sheffield. It was a scorcher. Good times!


Dan Benson, fastplant on a race track. A snapshot on a recent trip to Alicante taken on an Olympus 35RC. This would have looked better in a pair of short cut off white denim shorts. Dan hadn't packed em though.


Shot in Alicante on a solo mission with Joe Cox's tripod. Some parts of the beach were lit up at night in a certain way that reminded me of a 1940s -50s Casablanca esc film set.


This was taken with my Mamiya 645 1000s years ago. I was on the 4Down UK S&M road trip. Unmistakably a Joe Fox table! All in the arms, powerfull and held. I wish I still had that camera.


To finish off check out James Newrick's with old section from the NSF 2 Video.