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Nice Set Up Round 5 is completed and good to go! Thanks to everyone who sent over their bikes, we've got another batch of solid rides.

If you want your bike featured, hit us up via a Facebook message with the relevant photos and details.

[part title='Johnny Pronk - Superstar Cooper']

Name: Johnny Pronk

Where are you from: ?

Favourite bike company: ?

Bike Spec:

Frame: Superstar cooper 21" 2010

Forks: odyssey original race fork

Bar: Superstar sweet sweep 8,3"

Stem: united

Front wheel: alienation axis front wheel

Rear wheel: alienation axis rear wheel

Tires: odyssey aitken dirt

Stem: united

Seat: shadow

Sprocket: eclat tilt

Grips: odi longneck

Cranks: united

Pedals: united

Barends: animal plastic barends

Chain: shadow interlock v2

Modifications: None

[part title='Josh James Smith - Mirraco Blend']

Name: Josh James Smith

Where are you from: Doncaster, UK

Favourite bike company: BSD/Odyssey

Bike Spec:

Frame: MirraCo Blend 1

Forks: Amity RD (High Grade)

Bars: Amity RD

Headset: Primo

Grips: ODI

Front wheel: Amity Female hub on Odyssey Quadrent rim

Rear wheel: 2012 Stolen Casino wheel

Tyres: Chase Hawk tyres (2.2 rear,2.4 front)

Seat and post: Amity seat, Abike wedge post

Chain: KMC Halflink

Cranks: Stolen Mob 2

Sprocket: Eclat 2011 28t

Bottom Bracket: Proper

Pedals: Primo

Pegs: Amity

Modifications: None

[part title='Tom Burger Lloyd - Failure Mainiac']

Name: Tom Burger Lloyd

Where are you from: Hull, UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Failure Mainiac

Forks: Federal HD 20 20

Bars: Failure

Stem: Failure

Headset: Failure

Grips: Cult Waffle

Brakes: Mankind

Rims: Cinema 333

Hubs: Odyssey

Tyres: Primo V Monster

Seat and post: Federal

Cranks: ?

Sprocket: Failure

Chain: ?

Pedals: Cult

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Kieren Burgess - BSD Forever']

Name: Kieren Burgess

Where are you from: ?

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: BSD Forever

Forks: Odyssey

Bars: BSD

Stem: Demolition

Headset: Demolition

Grips: Fatality

Brakes: None

Rims: Eclat

Hubs: Profile

Tyres: Cult Dehart

Seat and post: Fatality

Cranks: WTP Royal

Sprocket: ?

Chain: ?

Pedals: Fatality

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Sam Miller - Stranger Day Tripper']

Name: Sam Miller

Where are you from: UK

Favourite bike company: Animal


Frame: Stranger Day Tripper

Forks: Cult Sect V2

Bars: Stranger Thrash

Grips: Cult/Vans

Stem: Profile Mullville

Headset: ?

Grips: Cult Waffle

Brakes: None

Rims: Eclat Jaw

Hubs: KHE Freecoaster/profile

Tyres: Animal

Seat and post: Federal

Cranks: Demolition Medieval

Sprocket: Odyssey

Chain: KMC Halflink

Pedals: ?

Pegs: Plegs all round.

Modifications: None

[part title='Scott McKie - Sunday Second Wave']

Name: Scott McKie

Where are you from: Newcastle, UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Sunday Second Wave

Forks: Odyssey Dirt

Bars: BSD

Stem: Odyssey V2

Headset: ?

Grips: ?

Brakes: None

Rims: Shadow/Odyssey

Hubs: Odyssey

Tyres: Animal GLH

Seat and post: Primo

Cranks: Primo

Sprocket: Odyssey Million Dollar

Chain: ?

Pedals: Animal Sealed Hamilton's

Pegs: £15 GT specials from halfords and still going strong 3 yrs down the line!

Modifications: None

[part title='Anders Richard Voldseth - Stolen Cherry 21']

Name: Anders Richard Voldseth

Where are you from: Norway

Favourite bmx company: ?


Frame: Stolen Cherry 21"

Forks: Fit Blade 2

Bars: S&M Perfect 10

Stem: Cult Mind Control

Headset: Odyssey

Grips: ODI Longneck

Brakes: None

Rims: Odyssey Hazzard Lite

Hubs: Primo Mix

Tyres: Demolition Momentum 2.2

Seat and post: Fiend and cult

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt

Sprocket: Federal

Chain: KMC

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted

Pegs: Cult

Modifications: Frame paint job

[part title='Nathan Scott - United Beacon']

Name: Nathan Ccott

Where are you from: Stoke-on-trent, UK

Favourite bike company: United bike co


Frame: united beacon v2

Forks: united v2

Bars: united beacon v2

Stem: shadow conspiracy attack stem

Headset: ?

Grips: odi XL

Brakes: None

Rims: proper

Hubs: proper

Tyres: animal tommy white and odyssey chase hawk

Seat and post: shadow seat built in seat post

Cranks: premium

Sprocket: eco

Chain: ybn half link

Pedals: animal Hamilton

Pegs: salt

Modifications: all custom

[part title='Jordan Anderson - The Make Hair of the Dog']

Name: Jordan Anderson

Where are you from: Newcastle, UK

Favourite bike company: Fly and Profile


Frame: The Make Hair of the Dog

Forks: Cult Sect

Bars: The Make Damned

Stem: The Make Death Hand

Headset: Demolition

Grips: The Make Sword

Brakes: None

Rims: Proper

Hubs: Proper

Tyres: United Swerve

Seat and post: Federal Dan Lacey fat seat and Federal post

Cranks: Premium 1948

Sprocket: The Make Six Legs

Chain: BSD half link

Pedals: Eclat Platforms

Pegs: The Make

Modifications: stickers added

[part title='Simon Hird - Proper TTL']

Name: Simon Hird

Where are you from: Liss, UK

Favourite bike company: Mutiny


Frame: Proper TTL

Forks: Mutiny Wand

Bars: Sunday Triumph

Stem: Fit DLR

Headset: United

Grips: ODI

Brakes: None

Rims: Front Odyssey Hazard Lite, rear Gsport Ribcage

Hubs: Profile Mini front and rear

Tyres: Front Odyssey Aitken, rear Fit FAF

Seat and post: Fit, Federal

Cranks: Wethepeople Royal

Sprocket: Proper

Chain: KMC Kool

Pedals: Odyssey JC Trail Mix

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Dave Mussell - Federal Washington']

Name: Dave Mussell

Location: hereford

Favourite bike company: federal


Frame: Federal Washington frame

Forks: Proper

Bars: Éclat Charles sig bars

Stem: United

Headset: Vocal

Grips: ODI

Brakes: None

Rims: Federal

Hubs: BSD

Tyres: Odyssey Aaron Ross

Seat and post: Federal

Cranks: Illegal

Sprocket: Proper

Chain: ?

Pedals: ?

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Martin Brown - BSD Trailorpark']

Name: Martin Brown

Where are you from: Telford, UK

Favourite bike company: BSD and Odyssey


Frame: bsd trail or park v2 Forks: amity jesus

Bars: bsd

Stem: mutiny

Headset: odyssey

Grips: shadow

Brakes: None

Rims: gsport

Hubs: gsport front. Khe coaster on the rear

Tyres: fit fafs

Seat and post: kink seat. Animal post

Cranks: united Sprocket: Cult

Chain: odyssey bluebird

Pedals: dmr v8s

Pegs: odyssey m pegs

Modifications: re powder coated blue from black

[part title='Jack Pearse - WTP Envy']

Name: Jack Pearse

Where are you from: Southampton, UK

Favourite bike company: Wethepeople, eclat and Profile


Frame: Wethepeople envy

Forks: Odyessy 41's

Bars: Mutiny Glam v2

Stem: eclat boxer

Headset: eclat

Grips: odi longneck

Brakes: None

Rims: Odyessy hazard lite

Hubs: Profile Elite

Tyres: eclat

Seat and post: Failure fat seat

Cranks: Profile

Sprocket: wethepeople

Chain: eclat

Pedals: premium

Pegs: none

Modifications: None

[part title='Leo Coyle-Smith - Verde Radia']

Name: Leo Coyle-Smith

Where are you from: A village between Dundee and Perth

Favourite bike companies: Animal, BSD, Cult


Frame: Verde Radia

Forks: Old MirraCo, bought 2nd hand for a tenner

Bars: Cult Leader 9"

Stem: Animal MR Top Load

Headset: Stock Verde

Grips: Cult X Vans

Brakes: None

Rims: Cinema 777

Front Hub: Cinema Tungsten, Female axle

Rear Hub: Cinema Tungsten, Hollow male axle

Tyres: Cult DeHart 2.25

Seat: Demolition X Markit

Post: Integrated

Cranks: Stock Verde 170mm

BB: Demolition

Sprocket: BSD Superlite 5-spoke 25t

Chain: Shadow Interlock

Pedals: Odyssey JCPC

Pegs: 4x Demolition Team, but I’m keen to try plastics

Modifications: A few strategically placed stickers, and cut down bars because 30" was just too much!

[part title='Jamie Gregory - Mutiny Robbo']

Name: Jamie Gregory

Where are you from: ?

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Mutiny Robbo

Fork: Odyssey Race

Bars: T-1

Headset: ?

Grips: Odi Stay Strong

Stem: Cult Salvation

Pegs: None

Seat: Season

Seat Post: Season

Front Wheel: Primo Stance/Profile

Back Wheel: Primo Stance/Profile

Tyres: Odyssey Hawk 2.4

Cranks: Eclat Tibia

Sprocket: Premium

Pedals: Primo Stance

Chain: ?

Modifications: None