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Here's the belated Round 4 of Nice Set Up, we're a day or so late on this one, but it's finally landed for the weekend. Have a scan over some of the quality rides. Well don't of your bike is featured too. Psyched on these...

If you want your bike featured, hit us up via a Facebook message with the relevant photos and details.

[part title='Matt Towndrow - United Rigal']

Name: Matt Towndrow

Where are you from: Sloth, UK

Favourite bike company: Mick Woods Bike Co

Bike Spec:

Frame: United Rigal Frame 21"

Forks: United Dinero

Bars: United Voyage Bars

Stem: Fit High Top

Headset: ?

Grips: DUO Martinez

Brakes: None

Rims: Federal

Hubs: Cult

Tyres: United Direct 2.3

Seat and post: S&M Director

Cranks: Fit

Sprocket: Fit Key 28T

Chain: ?

Pedals: FBM Nice

Pegs: Demolition Plastic

Modifications: None

[part title='Paul Johnson - United Beacon']

Name: Paul Johnson

Where are you from: Bournemouth, UK

Favourite bike company: United

Bike Spec:

Frame: United Beacon 21'

Fork: United Dinero

Bars: S&M Grand Slam XLT

Stem: Sunday Freeze

Headset: FSA Impact

Grips: ODI Longneck

Brakes: Odyssey Springfield

Rims: Alienation Skylark Front, Alienation Delinquent Rear

Hubs: Demolition Bulimia Front, Rolls Rear

Tyres: Eclat Command 2.3 and Control 2.1

Seat and Post: Demolition 'D' Mid and Savage Post

Cranks: Premium 1948

Sprocket: Premium 28T

Chain: ?

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted

Pegs: Shadow Little Ones V2

Modifications: Stretched Grips, Homemade grip flange.

[part title='Joshua Lindsay - Federal Ty Morrow']

Name: Joshua Lindsay

Where are you from: Croydon, UK

Favourite bike company: Cult


Frame: Federal Ty morrow Signature 2010

Forks: Cult sect v2

Bars: Primo Samsquanch 8.5

Stem: Superstar

Headset: Primo

Grips: Cult Waffle

Brakes: None

Rims: Front Eclat X-Odus, rear Cult Match

Hubs: Front Odyssey Vandero 2, rear Cult Match

Tyres: Blank blue wall 2.3

Seat and post: Cult , United Stump

Cranks: KHE Prism Pro

Sprocket: Cult Member 28t

Chain: Shadow conspiracy interlock v2

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted

Pegs: Primo

Modifications: None

[part title='Luke Wilson - Mafia Clip']

Name: Luke Wilson

Where are you from: Holmes Chapel, UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Mafia Clip

Forks: Mafia

Bars: Federal Lacey

Stem: Xposure

Headset: Mafia

Grips: ODI

Brakes: None

Rims: Mafia/Odyssey Hazard

Hubs: Mafia/Odyssey

Tyres: Fit FAF's

Seat and post: Cult/Alienation

Cranks: Mafia

Sprocket: BSD

Chain: Mafia

Pedals: Fit

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Paul Littleton - United Beacon']

Name: Paul Littleton

Where are you from: London, UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: United Beacon v1 20.85

Forks: Fit shiv 1

Bars: United beacon bars

Grips: DK shuko

Stem: Stolen clutch tlc

Headset: Odyssey with vocal spacers

Bottom bracket: éclat with alone spacer/cones

Cranks: Vocal valentine

Pedals: DK plastic

Seat: BSD fat skeet seat

Sprocket: Super star pimp disc sprocket 25t

Chain: ybn cool coloured chain

Tyres: United direct

Pegs: Wethepeople

Rim: Alienation skylark

Nipples: Primo

Spokes: DK

Hub: Proper k7 female hub

Hub guard: Gsport gland

Rim: Alienation skylark

Nipples: Primo

Spokes: DK

Hub: Odyssey vandero 2

Hub guard: Gsport gland

[part title='Jardan Kelly - Amity RD']

Name: Jordan Kelly

Where are you from: Birmingham, UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Amity RD

Forks: Amity Jesus

Bars: Amity RD

Stem: Cult Mind Control

Headset: Proper Microlite

Grips: ODI Longneck

Brakes: None

Rims: Front Proper Microlite, Back Xposure

Hubs: Proper Microlite Front, Xposure Back

Tyres: Fit Faf Red Walls 2.25 Front 2.1 Back

Seat and post: Dub Joe-Tek Seat, Animal Wedge Post

Cranks: DK Social

Sprocket: Proper Magnalite Team

Chain: Cult 510

Pedals: Fatality

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Jack Chandler - Fit Benny L']

Name: Jack Chandler

Where are you from: Shrewsbury, Uk

Favourite bmx company: Fit/animal/ federal


Frame: Fit benny l 20.75 black

Forks: Fit blade 2 lite black

Bars: Vocal tweet xl 8.6x27 (cut down) black

Stem: Cult Rasta

Grips: ODI longneck xl

Headset: FSA impact with upgraded sealed bearings

Cranks: eclat tibia

BB: united mid

Sprocket: united metro 25t

Pedals: Animal butcher pc

Chain: Ybn half link

Front wheel: cinema

Rear wheel: federal freecoaster laced to cinema rim primo spokes and nipples

Tyres: Cult dehart tan wall 2.25

Seat: united trinity

Seatpost: plastic primo

Pegs: 4 oddysey jpeg lighter pegs

[part title='Brian Porter - Colony Endeavour']

Name: Brian Porter

Where are you from: ?

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Colony endeavor

Forks: primo

Cranks: colony

Pegs: primo bl

Tires: odyssey ar tired

Sprocket: Sunday sabertooth

Back hub: demolition

Back rim: odyssey 7k

Front hub: odyssey vandero 2

Front rim: odyssey 7k

Chain: shadow halflink v2

Seat: volume jailbird

Stem: primo aneyerlator

Bars: cult

Grips: cult/vans

Barends: odyssey

Modifications: None

[part title='Glenn Collier - Subrosa Diablous']

Name: Glenn Collier

Where are you from: ?

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Subrosa Diablous

Fork: Verde v2

Bars: Stereo Hardrock

Headset: Odyssey

Stem: S&M Challenger

Grips: Vans x Cult

Cranks: Profile

Sprocket: Sunday

Chain: KMC

BB: Profile

Pedals: Éclat Slash

Seat: United Supreme

Post: Éclat

Rims: Odyssey Hazard Lite

Hubs: Profile

Tyres: Odyssey Aitken 2.35

Modifications: None

[part title='Moni Dimitrov - Sunday Forecaster']

Name: Moni Dimitrov

Where are you from: Bulgaria

Favourite bike company: Sunday, Animal, Fit, Odyssey


Frame: Sunday Forecaster

Fork: Odyssey Classic Dirt

Handlebars: Sunday Triumph XL

Bar ends: Animal Plastic

Stem: ?

Grips: Animal Edwin Delarosa

Headset: Odyssey Integrated

Cranks: Fit Indent 19mm

Bottom bracket: Mission Mid

Spindle: Fit Indent

Sprocket: Odyssey C-512 (Chase Hawk's signature sprocket) 28t

Chain: KMC

Pedals: Odyssey TWISTED PC

Seat: Redline G7 Fat

Seatpost: Animal Wedge

Seatpost clamp: Sunday Slim

Front rim: KHE Easy O

Rear rim: KHE Big O

Front hub: Chosen

Rear hub: Chosen

Front tire: Animal GLH

Rear tire: Animal TWWR

Pegs: WeThePeople toxic

Modifications: None

[part title='Mark Gompertz - Blank Biohazard']

Name: Mark Gompertz

Where are you from: ?

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Blank Biohazard

Forks: Blank

Bars: Stolen

Stem: Unknown

Headset: Mutant

Grips: Cult Dehart

Brakes: Blank Gyro

Rims: Quando

Hubs: Quando

Tyres: Fit FAF

Seat and post: Salt + random post

Cranks: Premium

Sprocket: Blank

Chain: Clarks Gold Chain

Pedals: Eclat

Pegs: Non

Modifications: None

[part title='Andy Muir - BSD Trailorpark']

Name: Andy Muir

Where are you from: ?

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Bsd trailorpark

Forks: bsd ghetto v2

Bars: S&M Slam Stem: Cult salvation Headset: Bsd

Grips: Cult dehart

Brakes: None

Rims: Alienation skylark

Hubs: Profile mini front shadow raptor rear with shadow hubguard

Tyres: Fit FAF Kevlar

Seat and post: cult dak seat salt post

Cranks: Profile Race 175mm

Sprocket: 25t superstar spline drive

Chain: kmc with 1 gold half link Pedals: Social budgie

Pegs: 2 bone deth 1 primo

Mods: None

[part title='Matthew Fisher - United Voyage']

Name: Matthew Fisher

Where are you from: Darlington, UK

Favourite bike company: United, Cult, Federal and Odyssey


Frame: United Voyage (20.75)

Forks: Eastern Nitrous

Bars: Federal Lacey

Stem: Cult Salvation

Headset: Premium

Grips: ODI Longneck

Brakes: Vans Half Cabs

Rims: Amity Calamity

Hubs: Amity Calamity

Tyres: Fit FAF 2.3 & Federal Traction 2.1

Seat: United Beacon Fat

Seatpost: Federal Stumpy Seatpost

Cranks: Salt Groove

Sprocket: Federal Street V2 28t

Chain: KMC/Salt/Cult/Eastern/Shadow

Pedals: Odyssey JCPC

Pegs: Primo

Modifications: Crank stopper

[part title='Will Butato - Superstar New Deal']

Name: Will Sharp Butato

From: ?

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Superstar New Dea;l

Forks: WTP Patron

Bars: WTP Mad Max

Stem: Salt Plus

Headset: Stolen

Grips: Dunlop Tennis Overgrip

Rims: Alienation Skylark

Hubs: Demolition/KHS

Tyres: Ilegal Magro

Seat and post: stock WTP seatpost i think? and a Federal fat seat with primark polka dot jeans cover

Cranks: WTP Royal

Sprocket: 27T Gusset

Chain: Kmc

Pedals: DUO Resilite

Pegs: Salt on on the front, stock Felt on the back with Khe hubguard rear and superstar front

[part title='Pierre-Louis Juilles - Proper BSH']

Name: Pierre-Louis Juilles

Where are you from: ?

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Proper BSH Joris Coulomb 21"

Fork: Fiend Embryo

Bar: Tempered Datura 9"

Headset: Odyssey

Grips: Odi Longneck

Stem: Demolition Keystone

Pegs: Colony and Primo

Seat: Kink Sexton

Seat Post: Fiend

Front Wheel: Eclat Bondi

Back Wheel: Stolen roulette and salt plus hub

Tyres: Odyssey Aaron Ross 2,35

Hubguard: Foundation

Cranks: Foundation Syndicate

Sprocket: Stolen 25t

Pedals: Foundation

Chain: Shadow

Modifications: None