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Nice Set Up Round 3 is now up and ready for you to sink your teeth into. We're actually going to do a Round 4 tomorrow as we have so many bikes to get through, it's crazy! Once again some amazing looking rides, keep em coming!

If you want your bike featured, hit us up via a Facebook message with the relevant photos and details.

[part title='Luke Glover - Superstar Carlton']

Name: Luke Glover

Where are you from: Hampshire, UK

Favourite bike company: Fit Bike Co

Bike Spec:

Frame: Superstar Carlton

Forks: Snafu Pickle

Bars: Amity RD's

Stem: Fit DLR

Headset: Vocal

Grips: ODI

Brakes: None

Rims: Odyssey Hazard

Hubs: Profile Mini

Tyres: Maxis Grfiter, Odyssey

Seat and post: Federal, BSD

Cranks: Primo Hollowbite

Sprocket: Salt

Chain: KMC

Pedals: Stolen

Pegs: WTP Toxic

Modifications: None

[part title='Walter White - Revenge Heisenberg']

Name: Walter White

Where are you from: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Favourite bike company: Revenge Industries

Bike Spec:

Frame: Revenge "Heisenberg" prototype 21"

Forks: Verde Cartel

Bars: Kink Badger

Stem: Odyssey Elements

Headset: Mutant Carbon

Grips: United Alchemist Meth Blue

Brakes: None

Rims: Alienation Skyler Meth Blue

Hubs: Odyssey Hazard

Tyres: Animal Walt White Walls

Seat and Post: Eastern Nitrous Oxide

Cranks: BSD Substance Meth Blue

Sprocket: Profile Buzz Saul

Chain: Odyssey Meth Bluebird

Pedals: Odyssey Magnesium

Pegs: None

Modifications: My signature "Walt White Wall" tires are tubeless, and do not contain air, they contain Hydrogen (H). Hydrogen is a lifting gas and weighs much less than air, it makes my bike far lighter than anyone else's. I needed to re design the Schrader valve to tolerate the Hydrogen as it's extremely flammable. This has been patented as the "Hank Schrader" valve.

[part title='Andrew Robinson - United Mothership V2']

Name: Andrew Robinson

Where are you from: Middlesbrough, UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: United Mothership V2

Forks: United Dinero

Bars: FLY Montana

Stem: Shadow

Headset: Animal

Grips: ?

Brakes: None

Rims: Primo Balance

Hubs: Primo

Tyres: Eclat, Fit FAF

Seat and post: United Beacon, KIS

Cranks: Subrosa Bitchin'

Sprocket: ?

Chain: Shadow Interlock

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted

Pegs: ?

Modifications: None

[part title='Rafal Stanny - Mutiny Conjurer']

Name: Rafal Stanny

Where are you from: Eastbourne, UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Mutiny Conjurer

Forks: BSD Ghetto

Bars: Federal Drop

Stem: Fit S4

Headset: Premium

Grips: Fit Team

Brakes: None

Rims: Cinema 777

Hubs: Profile

Tyres: Fit FAF's

Seat and post: Federal Camo

Cranks: Fly

Sprocket: Proper

Chain: ?

Pedals: Odyssey JC/PC's

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Julian Nesteriuc - BSD Trail or Park']

Name: Julian Nesteriuc

Where are you from: Romford, Essex, UK

Favourite bike company: BSD and Eclat


Frame: BSD Trail or Park

Forks: Federal Drop

Bars: Alone

Stem: Eclat

Headset: Shadow

Grips: Odi O

Brakes: Odissey/Vocal

Rims: Primo/Skylark

Hubs: Profile Mini

Tyres: Fit

Seat and Post: Federal/Eclat

Cranks: Eclat

Sprocket: Proper

Chain: YBN

Pedals: Demolition

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Greg Bartlet - Mutiny Conjurer']

Name: Greg Bartlet

Where are you from: Ellon, UK

Favourite bike company: BSD


Frame: Mutiny Conjurer 21.2

Forks: BSD ghetto forks v3

Bars: BSD Giraffic

Stem: BSD Blackneck V1

Headset: Odyssey

Grips: Fit repeater

Brakes: N/A

Rims: Odyssey Hazard

Front hub: BSD

Rear hub: Shadow BTR

Tyres: Odyssey Hawk

Seat and Post: Mutiny classic slim w/ Fit seat post

Cranks: United value

Sprocket: BSD Superlite 3D

Chain: Cult

Pedals: Fit Mac

Pegs: N/A

Modifications: the bars are cut down to 28.5" and "guns + money" drawn onto the underside of the wishbone

[part title='Alastair Keith - The Make']

Name: Alastair Keith

Where are you from: Holywood, Northern Ireland. Residing in Aberdeen, Scotland

Favourite bike company: The Make

Favourite Shop: 20Twenty


Frame: The Make No Idea

Forks: Odyssey R32

Bars: Cult Hawk

Stem: Cult Salvation

Headset: Cult

Grips: Cult X Vans

Brakes: Etnies

Rims: G Sport Birdcage

Hubs: G Sport Marmoset front, Profile mini rear

Tyres: Odyssey Path K lyte

Seat: Federal Mid Seat

Post: Cult

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt LHD

Sprocket: Odyssey C-512 Chase Hawk

Chain: Fly Bikes Tractor Chain

Pedals: Odyssey Trailmix

Pegs: Animal Butcher Pegs

Modifications: Chris Currie lovingly built my wheels, Farmyard approved

[part title='Steve Moingros - FBM Bellwitch']

Name: Steve Moingros

Where are you from: Marseille, France

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: FBM Bellwitch

Forks: Macneil CKS

Bars: WTP Madman

Stem: Mental?

Headset: Division

Grips: ODI Longnecks

Brakes: None

Rims: Eclat

Hubs: Eclat

Tyres: Demolition Momentum

Seat and post: United Beacon, WTP

Cranks: Colony

Sprocket: Phenix Bikes

Chain: Shadow Interlock

Pedals: Alone

Pegs: Salt Pro

Modifications: None

[part title='Chris Floyd - Proper TTL']

Name: Chris Floyd

Where are you from: Evesham, UK

Favourite bike company: Proper


Frame: Proper TTL v2

Forks: Odyssey race

Bars: s&m perfect 10s

Stem: Gusset front load

Headset: Demolition v2

Grips: Amity

Brakes: none

Rims: Eastern Nitrous

Hubs: Odyssey Vandero front and Odyssey V3

Tyres: United Swerve

Seat and post: Total bmx black jack

Cranks: Odyssey Wombolts

Sprocket: Proper Microlight

Chain: kmc half link

Pedals: Demolition

Pegs: none

Modifications: None

[part title='Camilo Romano - WTP Envy']

Name: Camilo Romano "Roma"

Where are you from: Lagomar , Canelones , Uruguay

Favourite bike company: We the people and bsd


Frame: We the people Envy 20.6"

Forks: Primo Strand V2

Bars: We the people Mad Max 8.7"

Stem: Sunday Freeze TL

Headset: Salt Plus

Grips: Odi Longneck XL ( have them for a year and 2 months , sick )

Rims: Eclat Polar straight and aero

Tires: Cult Dehart 2.35 tan wall rear and front

Seat: Kink Sexton

Post: We the people

Cranks: Eclat Onyx 170mm

Sprocket: Eclat Skylar 26t

Chain: Salt Plus

Pedals: Eclat Slash

Pegs: Primo Binary PL

Modifications: everytime i have time ... cut bars to 28" , obsesed with weird painting and sketchy setups haha.

[part title='Stuart Daniel Nelson - United Mothership V2']

Name: Stewart Daniel Nelson

Where are you from: Bradford, UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: United Mothership V2

Forks: Odyssey CS2

Bars: Federal Drop

Stem: Odyssey

Headset: Shadow

Grips: Blue and red ODI's ( support to brett banaswich!! )

Brakes: None

Rims: Odyssey Hazard Light

Hubs: G-Sport

Tyres: Odyssey Aitken

Seat and post: Joe-Tek, Federal

Cranks: United Value

Sprocket: Cule OS Spline Drive

Chain: KMC Half Link

Pedals: Eclat

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Simon Palmer - S&M BTM']

Name: Simon Palmer

Where are you from: Cornwall, UK

Favourite bike company: S&M/Odyssey


Frame: S+M BTM Hoder 21" trans blue

Forks: Odyssey R32

Bars: FBM Headbangers

Stem: BSD V2

Headset: BSD

Grips: Fit

Brakes: Proper CNC'd alloy with ody slick cable

Rims: Cinema 777 front and back

Hubs: Profile mini cassette rear, profile front

Tyres: Odyssey Hawk front and back

Seat and Post: FBM seat, BSD stubby post

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolts

BB: BSD ultralite mid

Sprocket: S+M

Chain: Shadow interlock 2

Pedals: Fit Mac (sealed)

Pegs: Fit

Mods: Have cut the bars down since these pics were taken

[part title='Dillon Thompson - Guerra Martyr']

Name: Dillon Thompson

Where are you from: Leicester, UK

Favourite bike company: Profile


Frame: Guerra Martyr

Forks: Total Guy Fawkes

Bars: United Value

Stem: Cult Rasta Top Load

Headset: Spunic

Grips: Odyssey Cuff Link

Brakes: None

Rims: Alienation/stay strong skylark/runway

Hubs: Profile Mini

Tyres: Maxxis Grifter

Seat and post: Savage and BSD Skeet Seat

Cranks: Profile stay strong

Sprocket: Profile spline drive

Chain: KMC kool chain

Pedals: Odyssey jcpc

Pegs: None

Mods: Cut down bars to 27" and custom ledge skate shop sticker job under grips

[part title='Jake Miller - Sunday Funday']

Name: Jake Miller

From: Grange Over Sands, UK

Favourite bike company: Probably Mutiny


Frame: Sunday funday

Forks: amity Jesus

Bars: kink badger bars

Stem: mutiny lifted front load stem

Headset: FSA

Grips: odi long necks

Rims: alienation black sheep

Hubs: premium and affix

Tyres: duo svs 2.25

Seat and post: fit bar stoole seat premium seat post

Cranks: DK social

Sprocket: tree bike spline drive

Chain: Kmc

Pedals: ├ęclat

Modifications: Cut steerer so the stem is flush to the headset, cut bars to 28"

[part title='Euan Rait - Federal Lacey']

Name: Euan Rait

Where are you from: UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Federal Lacey 20.5" TT

Forks: Federal Liquid 2013

Bars: Federal Lacey bars

Cranks: United Values

Grips: Cult waffles

Stem: Mutiny top load

Headset: Superstar

Pedals: Odyssey twisted

Chain: Stolen shackle half link

Seat: Federal Fat seat

Seat post: Some custom carbon fiber one that i got given to me

Pegs: Shadow Littleones

Sprocket: cult rasta

Bottom bracket: Subrosa

Front wheel: Fly Classic rim laced with primo spokes to a Demolition hub

Back Wheel: Fly Classic rim laced with primo spokes to a Wethepeople Supreme 9t RHD cassette, IT'S SO LOUD!

Tyres: Fit FAF 2.3 back and United swerve 2.25 front

Modifications: Carbon seat post i guess, Nice custom dent on the bottom tube aswell that's pretty sick.. haha