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Nice Set Up Round 2 is here, and it's another good one. Round 1 was HUGE, so psyched on the amount of bikes we've had in, along with some amazing riding shots too. Yours may not have been featured yet, but fear not, if you sent it, we'll be putting it up.

If you want your bike featured, hit us up via a Facebook message with the relevant photos and details.

[part title='Igor Sobolewski - United Voyage']

Name: Igor Sobolewski

Where are you from: Poland

Favourite bike company: United and S&M

Bike Spec:

Frame: United Voyage 21"

Forks: Salt

Bars: BSD Highlander

Stem: Sunday Freeze

Headset: Macneil

Grips: Premium

Brakes: None

Rims: United and Eclat

Hubs: United and Eclat

Tyres: Cult Dehart

Seat and post: Federal Fat Seat

Cranks: Primo Powerbite

Sprocket: DMR 28T

Chain: KMC

Pedals: Shadow

Pegs: Snafu

Modifications: Everything!

[part title='Brett Moss Noden - S&M Hucker']

Name: Brett Moss Noden

Where are you from: Nantwich

Favourite bike company: S&M


Frame: S&m Hucker

Forks: S&M Pitch XLT

Bars: Credence

Stem: S&M Race XLT

Headset: FSA

Grips: ODI Longnecks

Brakes: Shadow Sano, Odyssey Lever

Rims: Sun Rhino Lite

Hubs: Profile Elite

Tyres: Fit Kevlar Night Vision

Seat and post: S&M James Cox, United post

Cranks: Profile

Sprocket: Fit

Chain: Cult

Pedals: Odyssey Twisted

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Isaac Prichard - Kink International']

Name: Isaac Prichard

Where are you from: Merseyside, UK

Favourite bike company: Kink


Frame: Kink International

Forks: Salt

Bars: Fit

Stem: Shadow

Headset: Kink

Grips: ODI Longnecks

Brakes: Xposure, Odyssey Lever

Rims: Salt and Alienation

Hubs: Profile Mini

Tyres: Odyssey Path

Seat and post: Federal Seat, Kink post

Cranks: Primo

Sprocket: Fit

Chain: ?

Pedals: Animal

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Ethan Gardner - United Dinero 20.5']

Name: Ethan Gardner

Where are you from: St Johns, Canada living in Aberdeen Scotland

Favourite bike company: United


Frame: United Dinero 20.5

Forks: United Dinero

Bars: Fit Mac

Stem: Stereo

Headset: Stereo

Grips: ODI Longnecks

Brakes: None

Rims: Stereo

Hubs: Stereo

Tyres: United Direct

Seat and post: Shadow Solus

Cranks: Stereo

Sprocket: Stereo

Chain: Stock

Pedals: Duo Resi

Pegs: Stereo, United Hubguard

Modifications: None

[part title='Scott Hunter - Cult OSv3']

Name: Scott Hunter

Where are you from: Edinburgh, Scotland

Favourite bike company: Cult


Frame: Cult OS V3 21.5"

Forks: Cult Sect V2

Bars: Cult Deathrow 29"

Stem: Cult mind Control

Headset: Cult

Grips: ODI Longnecks

Brakes: None

Rims: Odyssey/Sunday

Hubs: Odyssey/Sunday

Tyres: Eclat Control

Seat and post: Cult Dehart, Cult

Cranks: Demolition Revolt

Sprocket: United Metro 28T

Chain: Shadow Half Link

Pedals: Cult

Pegs: Salt

Modifications: None

[part title='Cameron Bloor - BSD WZA V2 21.1']

Name: Cameron Bloor

Where are you from: Stoke On trent, UK

Favourite bike company: BSD


Frame: BSD WZA v2 21.1"

Forks: BSD Ghetto

Bars: BSD Highlander

Stem: BSD Race V2

Headset: Alone

Grips: Cult X Vans

Brakes: None

Rims: Cinema 777

Hubs: BSD

Tyres: Fit FAF and Cult Dehart

Seat and post: Cult

Cranks: Subrosa

Sprocket: BSD Superlight

Chain: Shadow Half Link

Pedals: Cult

Pegs: BSD Crackpipe

Modifications: None

[part title='James Simmons - Sunday Scout']

Name: James Simmons

Where are you from: Irthlingborough, UK

Favourite bike company: Sunday


Frame: Sunday Scout

Forks: Amity Zenta

Bars: Failure Mainiac

Stem: ?

Headset: ?

Grips: Primo Bobby Simmons

Brakes: Xposure

Rims: ?

Hubs: ?

Tyres: Demolition Momentum

Seat and post: United Supreme, Volume post

Cranks: Primo Hollowbites

Sprocket: Stolen

Chain: Cult 510

Pedals: Eclat Slash

Pegs: Primo Binary

Modifications: None

[part title='Dean Rodgers - BSD WZA V2']

Name: Dean Rodgers

Where are you from: Ayrshire, Scotland

Favourite bike company: BSD


Frame: BSD WZA V2

Forks: BSD Ghetto V3


Stem: BSD Race V2

Headset: BSD

Grips: ODI Longnecks

Brakes: None

Rims: Cinema 777

Hubs: BSD

Tyres: Fit FAF 2.25 Kevlar

Seat and post: BSD Kriss Crab, Salt

Cranks: Premium 1948

Sprocket: BSD 5 Spoke

Chain: Odyssey Bluebird

Pedals: Eclat Slash

Pegs: BSD unit pegs with BSD Jersey hub guard on front, TSG plastic on back.

Modifications: None

[part title='Adrian Maurud - Fit TD350']

Name: Adrian Maurud

Where are you from: Hamar, Norway

Favourite bike company: Odyssey


Frame: Fit TD350 20.75

Forks: Fly Agua 32mm

Bars: Cult CC00 complete bars

Stem: Fly potencia 52mm

Headset: Fly

Grips: Cult Dak

Brakes: none

Rims: Fly

Hubs: Odyssey antigram LHD 9t and Cult match fronthub

Tyres: Fly Ruben kevlar

Seat and Post: Kink post and Shadow mid pivotal

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt LHD

Sprocket: Fit keyguard 25t

Chain: Stolen halflink

Pedals: Odyssey JCPC

Pegs: 4x Cult Butter pegs with plastic sleeves

Modifications: Using one mid dust cap and one spanish dustcap on the bottom bracket. running a sliced tube on the outside of the normal tube in the back tyre.

[part title='Billy Liggins - Federal Washington']

Name: Billy Liggins

Where are you from: ?

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Federal Washington 21"

Forks: Federal Liquid

Bars: Federal Drop Bars

Stem: Odyssey

Headset: BSD

Grips: ?

Brakes: None

Rims: Sun Lite, Gsport Ribcage

Hubs: Odyssey Vandero 2, Primo Remix

Tyres: Animal GLH 2.25, Animal TWW 2.25

Seat and post: Shadow Fat, Macneil

Cranks: Season

Sprocket: Alone

Chain: Alone

Pedals: Odyssey Trail Mix

Pegs: X3 Federal Plastic

Modifications: None

[part title='Bryan Cracolici - Cult OSv3']

Name: Bryan Cracolici

Where are you from: NJ, USA

Favourite bike company: Cult


Frame: Cult OS v3 20.5

Forks: Odyssey r25

Bars: Shadow Vultus 9" rise cut to 28"

Stem: Animal

Headset: Animal

Grips: Cult Dehart

Brakes: None

Rims: Shadow Stun

Hubs: Shadow Raptor

Tyres: Fit FAF's

Seat and post: Odyssey Wolf and Animal post

Cranks: Mission

Sprocket: Shadow Ravager

Chain: Shadow Half Link

Pedals: Odyssey

Pegs: Sputnik

Modifications: None

[part title='Will Smith - Failure Mainiac 20.5']

Name: Will Smith

Where are you from: Sheffield, UK

Favourite bike company: Failure/Profile


Frame: Failure Mainiac 20.5

Forks: Sunday Morning

Bars: Animal Hyrone

Stem: BSD Blackneck V2

Headset: Failure

Grips: Fit Benny L

Brakes: ?

Rims: Alienation Skylark, Shadow Stun

Hubs: Profile Elite, Profile Totem

Tyres: Odyssey Hawk 2.2 and 2.4

Seat and post: Total Blackjack

Cranks: Profile Race

Sprocket: Total Rock and Roll 25T

Chain: KMC Kool

Pedals: Shadow

Pegs: None

Modifications: None

[part title='Jess Dawson - Cult Butter']

Name: Jess Dawson

Where are you from: Clitheroe, UK

Favourite bike company: S&M


Frame: Cult Butter

Forks: Fit Blade Light

Bars: Verde Lima Bars

Stem: BSD Blackneck V2

Headset: United

Grips: ODI

Brakes: None

Rims: Primo

Hubs: Profile and Colony

Tyres: ?

Seat and post: ?

Cranks: ?

Sprocket: Eclat

Chain: ?

Pedals: DUO

Pegs: Colony and Animal

Modifications: None

[part title='Jernej Zadravec - BSD Too Loose']

Name: Jernej Zadravec

Where are you from: Maribor, Slovenia

Favourite bike company: BSD Forever!


Frame: BSD TooLoose 20.6TT

Forks: WeThePeople Helium

Bars: BSD Giraffic 9"

Stem: BSD Blackneck frontload

Headset: BSD

Grips: ODI Longnecks

Brakes: none

Rims: Eclat X-odus

Hubs: BSD female with Jersey barrier guards

Tyres: KHE Mac Street 2

Seat and post: BSD fat seat and random seatpost

Cranks: BSD Substance 175mm

Sprocket: BSD Superlite 25t

Chain: Shadow Conspiracy

Pedals: Odyssey PC's

Pegs: BSD Crackpipe pegs (not pictured)

Modifications: Cut steerer so the stem is flush to the headset, cut bars to 28"

[part title='Joshua Dixon - Total Voltron']

Name: Joshua Dixon

Where are you from: Manchester, UK

Favourite bike company: ?


Frame: Total Voltron

Forks: Federal

Bars: Total

Stem: BSD

Headset: ?

Grips: ODI

Brakes: Odyssey

Rims: Alienation Skylark, Odyssey 7KA

Hubs: BSD

Tyres: Fit FAF's 2.3/2.1

Seat and post: ?

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt

Sprocket: Odyssey Burlington

Chain: Gusset

Pedals: Odyssey JCPC

Pegs: ?

Modifications: None