Welcome back ladies and gents, it's been a little while since we've done a 'NICE SET UP' feature and I'm happy to say that we've had a constant stream of quality custom BMX bikes sent in (specs included) to tickle your fancy.

From the bashed up, snapped spokes on the all out street-dawg set up.

To the pristine, polished, tweaked & dialled park set ups. We've got em all!

So sit back, relax and flick through some quality rides....

First up we have a lush lookin' BSD AVLX sent in by Louis Vallely. The frame was just delivered a couple days ago and Louis was itching to get it built. Looks the tits with all of his components on and he tells us he's stoked to head out and ride it! - Enjoy mate. (p.s check out the Morris Minor in the background. Quality!)



Frame: BSD ALVX 20.8 Clear Coat Raw
Forks: BSD Ghetto V3's
Bars: Primo Rebars 10"

(ODi Supers Soft Long Neck Grips/United Nathan Williams Bar Ends)
Stem: Proper Acala Top Load
Cranks: Premium 1948 Spline Drive/Premium Sprocket
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC's
BB: Firma V2
Headset: Odyssey Concoil
Seat Post: BSD Blitz
Seat: Primo Shawn Mac
Chain: Vocal Half Link
Front Wheel: Alienation Rim/BSD Spokes/BSD Street Hub/Jersey Barrier Hub Guard
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Aerospace Rim/BSD Spokes/BSD Street LHD/Jersey Barrier Hub Guard
Pegs: Federal Crmo
Tyres: BSD Donnasqueaks

Next up we have a rather unusual lookin' set up from Harriet Russ. I have no idea why I like this so much, probably because it's not your usual colour scheme. But hell, I like it and the parts aren't any cheap nonsense either.


(Harriet has changed frames now and is rockin' a Total Hangover V2) - Here's an updated shot of it...


Frame: Federal (Now Total Hangover V2)

Forks: Failure Spar

Bars: Failure Mainiac

Stem: Snafu Magical

Cranks: KHE Erkoling titanium

Tyres: Demolition Momentum

Pedals: Snafu Anorexic

Seat: Federal Cameo

Hubs: Green Profile Elite

BB: United

Headset: Total

Sprocket: Total Rock n Roll Lite

Rims: Alienation Skylark rim & Alienation Delinquent rim

Brake: Mankind

Brake Lever: Odyssey brake lever

Cables: Odyessey

Grips: Odi Longnecks

Seat Post: Kink

"The bike is signed by loads of top riders like: Harry main, Bruno Hoffman, FATHEAD, Simone Barraco, Gary Spencer, Kriss Kyle, Anthony Perrin, Leon Perkins, Anton Mcguirk, Paul Ryan and Ben Lewis too." - I guess he'll be keeping his old frame then, or auctioning it off!

Ryan Baines fired his set-up over to us and we're loving this LTD edition colourway of the Colony Miner he's chosen for his frame. (Only 100 made in the rainbow and 10ish in the uk according to colony!)



Frame: Colony Miner

Bars: BSD Raiders

Forks: BSD Ghetto v3

Tyres: Cult Deheart slicks 2.4

Pedals: Primo JJ

Stem: Subrosa HighLife

Cranks: Primo Hollowbites

Seat: Stranger further

Hubs: Vocal HitchHiker front / Profile Zcoaster on the rear (75 slack, RHD, 9T)

BB: 22mm Alone

Pegs: Salt plus

Headset: Alone

Sprocket: Odyessey LA Guardia

Rims: Gsport birdcage front and ribcage rear

Grips: ODI Long neck

Seat Post: Federal

Loving this street-lookin' set up posted to our group by Danny Jeffery. One question though?... Where are the pegs? I looked hard but couldn't see any! (lol just kidding, you don't need pegs to be street Stevie Hamilton proved that back in t'day.)



Frame: Mutiny Villij

Grips: ODI Stay Strong
Bars: Mutiny Manroids 8.7rise 30 wide

Forks: Mutiny Wand v4 forks
Stem: Fly Roey

Headset: Shadow Conspiracy
Seat: Mutiny + Tripod post
Tyres: Fly Ruben
Wheels: Halo matt priest sig
Cranks: Eclat onyx
Pedals: Jcpc pedals
Sprocket: United Full Core sprocket
Chain: Cult Chain



Frame: WTP Reason
Bars: BSD Zing bars
Forks: BSD Ghetto Fork
Tyres: Cult Dehart Gum
Pedals: Animal Hamilton
Stem: BSD Stacked
Cranks: Salt+ Chrome
Seat: Eclat
Hubs: Salt Pro (casette)
BB: Cult mid bb
Headset: Sunday integrated
Sprocket: Salt
Rims: G-Sport Bridcage
Grips: BSD Dan Paley (slims)
Seat Post: Salt

Ben Williams Shakespeare (if that is his real name lol) fired this one over to our group, loving the bike placement, awesome vintage chair and multiple boxes of shoes. Just wondering if he works in a shoe shop or if that's his own collection. Either way, that's pretty impressive!



Frame: Mutiny Comb

Forks: Odyssey r32

Bars: S&M Credence

Stem: S&M Enduro

Headset: Odyssey

Grips: Cult Vans Grips

Tyres: Fit FAF Tyres

Hubs: Profile Elite

Rims: Odyssey Hazard

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt

Sprocket: Odyssey Hawk

Seat: Odyssey Hawk

Seatpost: Odyssey

Chain: Eclat Diesel

BB: Odyssey

This one was sent in by Taylor Bentley with the caption, "I went for the pimp theme." Certainly looks like it, a street-pimp! Nice.



Frame: S&M Whammo 20.75" purple
Bars: Animal Big 4 chrome
Grips: Stranger Quangrips gum
Forks: Sunday Octave black
Stem: Fit top load black
Headset: Shadow Copper tye dye
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolts 175 blk
Pedals: Odyssey Twister galaxy
Sprocket: Fit Key Guard 25t black
Chain: Shadow Interlock v2

Seat: Bonedeth Vibrator leopard print

Post: Fit
Bottom Bracket: alone BMX
Front Hub: G Sport Simian
Front Rim: G Sport birdcage
Front Spokes: Halo black
Front Tyre: Fit FAF 2.4 white wall
Back Hub: Federal v3 male
Back Rim: G Sport ribcage
Back Spokes: Blank oil slick
Back Tyre: Salt
Pegs: x4 Salt



2016 United Recruit Jr 16"

Federal Logo fat pivotal seat

Bicycle Union seat post



Frame: WTP C.R.E.A.M
Bars: Premium CK
Forks: Odyssey r25
Cranks: Profile Race Cranks splinedrive
Stem: Eclat Sean Burns
Seat: Haro
Front Wheel: Eclat
Rear Hub: Primo Freemix v2
Rear Rim: Cinema 777
Tyres: Animal TWW Tanwalls
Pedals: Eclat Plaza
Grips: Eclat Stevie Churchill

Last but certainly not least we have a pretty oil-slicked up beast by Tom Maddock. Rollin' with those LTD Edition Cotton Candy Profile Elites with too. Damn...



Frame: Hyper Nainiac

Bars: Total Killabee

Forks: Snafu Magical

Stem: United

Sprocket: Snafu Ola

Cranks: Khe Titanium

Calipers: Mankind

Hubs: Profile Mini Cotton Candy

Spokes: Tlc

Front Rim: Skylark

Rear Rim: Felon

Tyres: Khe